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  • 11 April 2017
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Hi -

I am trying to move my account to Credo Mobile.  When discussing with them, they said that I need to provide for them my security pin with Tmobile.  I have a password for accessing via the web, a 4-digit pin to access my phone and a password for accessing this community.  Is any of those my "Pin".  If not, then where do I access this pin?


I won't be able to bring my existing Tmobile phone with me.  I understand that.  I have acquired a used phone and verified with Credo that it will work on their system.  I do intend to bring the phone number with me.
I do not have a contract to pay off.  I own the phone I use with Tmobile.
I do not use any sort of TMobile pay-as-you go system (which seemed to apply to one of the answers I found here, so that's part of why I'm writing out a separate question)

Note also that I am basically pleased with the service I got from Tmobile, the reason I am switching this number to Credo is a complicated decision involving reception, more than one phone and how the systems bill on more than one phone.


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There is usually a pin created for your account.  Typically it is the last four of your social or the last four of your account number. You can call customer service to verify what yours is.

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9 replies

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There is usually a pin created for your account.  Typically it is the last four of your social or the last four of your account number. You can call customer service to verify what yours is.

Ok, thanks, will do.

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Hey @jlsoaz‌ - I'm sorry to read you were in a complicated coverage-and-billing pickle (and even more sorry that it necessitates your departure from the TMO fold).  Still, I just wanted to check in here and make sure you were able to get the information you needed to complete your changes.  Is everything going OK for you?

- Marissa

Yes, I was able to get the pin when I called in, thanks.

Since I was good with some aspects of tmobile, I will try to note constructively, when I turn to consider returning, factors that will influence the decision will include possible negatives about my present carrier, coverage quality, whether tmobile's digits program (if/when out of beta) allows me to centralize to one phone and possibly as well reduce monthly usage bills, and a few other things.

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Thanks for that feedback!  I promise we are always working to improve (as cheesy as that sounds), so I hope if/when that day comes we don't disappoint.  I appreciate the update, glad you were able to get everything squared away.

- Marissa

I'm having the same issue I am on my mother account and no one remebers the pin code and when I called I was told there was no way to get this number or reset it. that she had to send it to another department and they may reach out in 72 hours but I need it reset before tomorrow afternoon. How can i get this done now????

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@ddaland​, you called 611 and was told there isn't a way to reset it? I'm sorry but that simply isn't true- if it is your mother's account SHE will have to be the one to call, verify her last four digits of SSN and a one-time PIN that will get sent to her line and she can reset the pin code to whatever she wants.

Question what happens if my mother has passed away and she was the only one that knew the passcode how do I go about getting one so i can give to my new provider to tranfer my number with them?

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There is a special team at T-Mobile that handles deceased account holders, so an authorized user would still need to reach out via 611 and explain the circumstances.  A change of responsibility could be performed (which would change the primary user on the account) and a new PIN could be set up so that you could take your number to another carrier if that is your wish.  I know it seems like a lot to handle after the passing of a loved one, but necessary to protect the account in the just-in-case.