Lose Prepaid Balance if Switching from Prepaid Plan to Connect?

  • 3 April 2020
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I noticed that a new sim card must be purchased to migrate from a Prepaid plan to the Connect plans.  Does this mean we also would lose our prepaid balances in the process?


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If you want to keep the same number, then yes, because that number would go to the new SIM.  If you get a new number, both would work independently so you could use up the balance on your old plan.  Whether or not Customer Care could transfer that balance, I am not sure.  You would definitely want to have them both active though for any possibility of the funds being transfered.

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The overview doesn't mention loss of account balance. Usually when you move from prepaid to prepaid

you don't lose your balance.

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That's a good question. Yes, the balance would be lost if you do change the plan. We do encourage that you use the remaining balance before making the switch. If you do have other questions about the Prepaid Connect plan, please visit our Official T-Mobile Connect Prepaid Discussionand join the conversation there.