Lost Phone Package -UPS

  • 28 November 2020
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I ordered my phone on the 12th of this month! I was suppose to recieve it Tuesday & checked with UPS and it stated the phone was “delivered”. Now i’m out a phone and almost $500 bucks. Is this something common? and why doesn’t T-mobile work with UPS to require a signature. I still have to wait for T-Mobile to reach back to me & the phone is still on backorder and it just keeps extending. This is ridiculous.

5 replies

Ups driver supposedly “delivered “ my iPhone 12 to a “front door” to a security building with a guard that sits right at the front desk . Who leaves any package at the front of a building you may as well just put it on the ground andsay hey come get it. Ups was never documented in the book by my security and every other package I had coming from ups is put in as given to guard or security   . What a coincidence the package with the phone is “left at the door “ they must really think were stupid . There’s an investigation pending so hopefully we’ll see what happened to that package because it definitely was not delivered to my address. Im really mad because I waited a couple of months for that phone all for this to happen . SMH!!!

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Well, it’s a clear case of a package being lost by UPS. Like any other lost package, there are procedures for resolving the problem. The thing is that T-Mobile is the insured party. They have to take action to recover. You only provide a statement that you didn’t receive the package.

Yes I know all that and I have taken it up with T-Mobile and they have handled it great. T-Mobile is not who I have a problem with I’m just voicing my frustration. And you don’t know whether it was a case of a package just being lost or not . Like I said I’ve been living at this security building for 2 years and I’ve had ups fedex and Usps handle packages by GIVING IT TO THE SECURITY.  I’ve NEVER had them leave it at a front door ...I’m sorry it’s just common sense not to do that at a apartment building with SECURITY RIGHT AT THE DOOR. You can’t miss him he’s right there How coincidental  is it that the time i have a $1000+ Phone coming that it’s left at the door and security has no evidence of them showing up nothing in the log in book or anything . I’m sorry it’s suspicious to me ..especially when you google this situation and you see that this is a COMMON problem with UPS and lost /stolen phones.  I don’t know if you work for ups or what but you don’t know what actually happened so take it easy and enjoy your day 

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I think the package was “left at the door” just not the right door.