loyal 20+yr cutomer i had my phone stolen I dont mind finishing payments on it but can i get replacement?

  • 11 June 2021
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as far as i was concerned I had bought protection when I upgraded through the phone with a rep, he said i’d be billed for it monthly but now it looks like i dont? anyway i was just hoping I could maybe get something different while paying, or get billed an extra few $ or maybe just upgrade early? when I called to report it the said there was nothing they could for me and refused me any protection or anything like that. i’ve had it marked stolen/lost in find my iphonw but its been offline since the first day it got stolen

1 reply

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T-Mobile can blacklist the IMEI of the device, which would make it not usable on any US and Canadian carrier.  Upgrading while still having a current EIP is sometimes possible.  The easiest way would be to pay off the current EIP balance and then go to your local T-Mobile and get a new device.  If you plan on buying a device outright, then that doesn’t affect the current EIP at all.  In some cases, EIP’s for more than one device at a time are permitted.  It is mostly based on credit worthiness.  Customer Care would best be able to explain if you can add another EIP to your bill without clearing the current EIP first.  You might want to try reaching out to the T-Force Team as well via Facebook or Twitter.  They are great at finding people the best solutions.