Loyalty and Customer experience are divorced in TMobile

  • 10 June 2023
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T-Mobile is a reliable provider in terms of service and prices that can be considered reasonable; however in terms of customer experience (CX) it is very bad or terrible. I can not understand that in times of technology seems a provider of the decade of the 80's. It is only enough to observe that if you want someone of loyalty to listen to you, you can only do it through a PO Box or by fax. A fax? Yes incredible. I imagine they do it to make contact as difficult as possible. In my case, I have been a customer with several lines for more than 20 years and I have never had a proactive call to personalize my experience and offer me an upgrade of a phone to change it. It is supposed to be a telco with information, technology and analytical capacity to have the necessary information to consider the case of loyal customers. Please! Instead I have to call forever to get the same answer: No, I'm sorry, you can't, you can't, I'm sorry and if you want you can send a fax or postal mail and file your claim. really???

2 replies

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I've never had any issue contacting Tmobile support. I've called, used live chat and even used my wife's social media account to contact them.

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Since March of this year when I migrated over to T Mobile from Verizon, I’ve called C/S two times, (no FB or IG, etc. for me).  Both times I only was on hold for 2 minutes or less, both calls were USA based, Washington St. and New Mexico.  The call to NM was escalated to an engineer who had me update all my Google apps and the he said he would call me back in 2 hours, he did, still not resolved he said he would do some more on his end, call me back a second time to see if it was resolved.  It was, and he called back like he said.  I’ve read lots of horror stories about T Mobile C/S but for me I’m batting 1000 percent.  Just my experience, YMMV.