Loyalty towards Customer - failing T-mobile commitment


On December 5th, 2019 T-Mobile has given me promotional offered on Customer service call. With this offer I traded my old iPhone7, received iPhone11 and added new line as part of offer. I had informed that my existing plan will not change and there should not be any charges for iphone11 device. However the charges will be reflected every month in the bill and they will credit back the charges so that way we I do not have to pay anything extra.

Now I am getting device extra charge in my bill every time and it’s not credited back so I need to call Customer care every-time. So far they were agree and doing giving credit back on Customer service call. Now they STOP giving me credit and asking me to change my plan. I don’t want to change my plan as it’s shared with friends n family.

I am getting tired calling them every month and explaining same issue with new agent, which is waste of both of time.  Agent actually listened my past conversation on Dec 5th customer service recording  and agreed with my talk and confirmed me back that you have received the offer but somehow we can’t apply that offer in your plan.  

Please help me resolve this issue as soon as possible.

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