LTE data not working but Wi-Fi is working.

  • 3 July 2018
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On my Oneplus One phone, the LTE data does not work and shows an exclamation mark when I turn mobile data on. It requires me to login to t-mobile. When I click to log into t-mobile I am redirected to, and I am told I do not have a data plan. However, I do have a data plan, set to unlimited 4g data. I am able to browse t-mobile website, but no other website loads for me. What steps can I take to resolve this?




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Oh man! Sorry you are having to deal with this. This is just a simple account level provisioning issue. We can fix this right away. Please contact us when you have a moment.

Hi Chris,

I called yesterday and have gotten the issue resolved. Thank you for your response.

This same issue just happened on my phone. Tmobile was able to help fix this... but wanted to post the fix so that others don't need to go through all the usual troubleshooting.

If you get this same message ( ):

-first try restarting your phone, and laptop/computer

-if that doesn't work (which it probably won't)...

-> then simply change your personal hotspot password, then when you connect your laptop to your personal hotspot, it will ask for a new password, enter in the new one... That worked for me

(Note, you may need to "forget" the original hotspot network, turn your wifi on/off in order to see the hotspot network again, then enter the new hotspot password).

I have an One Pluse 6T, and just about three hours ago, when I am using internet data, it suddenly goes to a T mobile page that says "your data plan does not work on this device". I didn't switch phones, cards, plans, or anything. I am on a family plan, and we didn't change anything, and other phones didn't have this problem. I tried all ways that the form mentioned, but all of them didn't work. I try to call customer care and wait for more than half hour, nobody pick up the phone. Who can tell me what I can do for the next step?