May 2022 Apple TV Plus promotion


I got an email on May 6, 2022, saying I am eligible for a free year of Apple TV+, and have tried several times to redeem, but I get the Oops something went wrong message every time.  

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I got the exact same email, also getting the exact same error.  Been on with support, to then be told my plan in fact is not eligible, even though the email says i am.  They are supposed to be calling me back in 24 hours after looking into this because they emailed me that I was eligible. 


Me too!

I got the same email and tried to set up as well. Kept on saying that I already have Apple TV - but I don’t! Can anyone in Customer Service please respond? There will be many more questions similar to this one.

There are too many barriers just to watch Apple TV.

I was just texted a promo: 1 year of Apple TV free. But just trying to figure this out has been a hassle. Not only on T-mobile side, but on Apple’s side. I don’t own any apple products and I don’t use any apple services.


1 After spending 45 minutes an Apple ID (because the email confirmation codes would not work), 

2. I then try to log into my account with the new ID that I am not sure I created, it seems to work.

2 So then I try to Apple TV on my phone, but then it says I can’t log on the web unless I log on with an app or on the computer. 

3 I go back to my computer and try to log into APPLE TV  but then I get the same message (Can’t log on to the web) , so I decided to log on the Apple TV app with my Roku device.

4 but after logging on, the message on Roku says I can’t log on without an iTunes account.

5 so back to the computer, I can’t log on to itunes unless I download an app.! 


I don’t want to download iTunes on to my computer. There are too many barriers just to watch Apple TV.SHEESH, so just say you want all my data and my info so you can profile me.

UGH! I just want to watch some new shows with my family and not go through all this rigmarole.