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Can someone please tell me if the McAafee Mobile Security for T-Mobile is a free service provided WITHOUT having a paid subscription to McAfee, on Samsung S21s having an active Sprint/T-Mobile cellphone account? 

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It is free if you have protection360 on at least one device.

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Hello, the McAfee Mobile Security app is preinstalled on the Samsung S21 and does have some free features you can use, but to use all of the features the app has to offer you would need to have Protection 360 on your line or sign up for a subscription through McAfee.


Thank you Seanrosie and tmo_stan, I appreciate the both of you! 


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The built in one is free up to a point.  You can subscribe to gain additional features.


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I have the free version but there is open enrollment for protection 360 so now as of this month my phone is fully protected again. It back dated it a month for some reason. However now that I have both Mcafee has way way way more functions and is really worth it if you ask me. Considering its $18/mo for p360 that's more then identity theft protection from my Discover credit card. Why wouldn't you protect a S22 ultra, I had lost my p360 when my last relationship went sour. However I entered in older and newer information and found out so much. People were using passwords from data breaches that I had changed passwords years ago. Also there was a password I've never used. So it's pretty neat. My battery lasts 2 days on a charge. Unless I'm on in non stop. Which im not. It's dropped 1% in over the last 20 minutes. 

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