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Im a new TMobile customer as of Feb 2016. I asked the associate if they offer military discounts. His answer, yes however I need to sign up online or call in. I called 3/25/16 and was advised to fill out information online and upload my ID. I did that and still havent received any correspondence. I called today 5/10/16 to inquire if they ever received the documents and also, whats the status. Spoke to someone named 'Rosario' who wasnt able to assist me. I asked for the loyalty dept or someone familiar with the 'military discounts' and after being on eternal hold, I hung up.

simple question:

I have a single line-unlimited plan. Does this qualify for military discount? If so, how long does it take to receive communication indicating you received the information once Ive uploaded which was 3/25/16. What if you didnt receive it? What if there was an issue?

How can I ask for someone in the 'states' without being put on eternal hold? Rosario wasnt very professional when it came to reviewing my account.


Please advise.. Im skeptical about this service as Im a long time customer of Verizon (10+ years).

Tmobile is my daughters phone for the unlimited.




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We do still offer government (military) discounts to those who qualify! 😊

If you have already submitted the correct info, I would suggest reaching out to T-Force! You can find them on FB and Twitter, and they are arguably the most broadly trained representatives we have and very capable of assisting! You can find the info to Contact Us here!

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Just wanted to check in to see if you were able to get this taken care of! 😊


Im still waiting for it to go thru. I spoke to 'Norbert' who assured me it would all workout. So far, I received a follow up call from him on Monday indicating theyre still processing the discount. I asked for it to be retro since I started the process 03/25/16. He was going to see what he could do and said he'd call me back in a few days.

I appreciate the follow up he provided but Im having a hard time trying to figure out why it takes so long. With my other carrier, what ever discount you get takes place right away with proof and can be done in store. This was also a Tmobile process and I dont know why they changed it. 😥 No more national discount with my company either

I'll take the military discount to save, I appreciate your follow up

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Our discounts are confirmed with a third party that works between the two parties, so it does have a delay and can take a few bill cycles to apply.

If it doesn't work, although I of course hope it does, I would suggest our FB or Twitter team looking to assist, they are great! 😀


Despite what they say, I don't think T-Mobile actually have military discounts. I been on and off trying to get approved for the discount for over two years. From the T-Mobile Choice plan to the T-Mobile One.

Recently I upgraded from their Choice plan to the T-Mobile One with my spouse. I go through their steps and provided valid CAC ID to them. They response with the email (attached below). I asked about why and they said they will transfer me to loyal program, which then was on hold for half hour before I gave up. I asked them why the choice plan didn't qualify, then they told me it's because it's a promotion plan. In theory, their T-Mobile One is also a "promotional" plan. As long as it's marketed that way, they can slide.

Obviously, I know that military discount is a great thing to offer for military members and vets and not a right and they don't have to do it. It's not automatically, and given just because we're military. I don't demand they give it. What bothers me the most is that they say they have it and decline it every time. I don't mind if they outright say they don't give military discounts. The deception is what annoys me.

It looks like there is an issue with your application for the T-Mobile® Advantage™ program. Typically, this happens for one of the following reasons.

Your company or organization is not a T-Mobile® Advantage™ Program Participant
The information on your pay stub is either illegible or does not match our records
The pay stub you provided is not within the acceptable date range
Your account is not eligible for the discount for one of the following reasons:
Prepaid account
Delinquent account
Business account
Unauthorized user
Cancelled account

If you think these results are in error, please send us an email.

If your company doesn't participate in the Advantage™ Program now, you can still find other ways to save with T-Mobile. Along with our huge selection of the latest devices,
T-Mobile's offers affordable rate plan options for almost any budget.

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The problem may be the plan specifically. If the plan you got is a promotional plan and is discounted heavily they don't give discounts for them. I work for the DoD and my wife the DoE. The current plan we are on neither one of us gets to use our discount. However the plan previously we could. The difference in cost between the two is $40 after discounts factored in.

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The current plan they are offering is a promotional plan.

2 for $100 is not the promotional plan.

3 for $100 is the promotional plan.

Both Simple Choice and the Tmobile One were 2 for $100. Which they had told me Simple Choice was a promotional plan. and Tmobile One, they couldn't give me a reason except to transfer to loyalty. I suppose another day I have time to burn, I will give their loyalty department a call. Even if it don't work out, at least there's something to report and knowledge for others seeking the same thing. Prior to the Simple Choice plan, we were able to get the discount, but it would have been about the same price with that plan vs the Simple Choice. The difference for Tmobile One now is that taxes and fees are included. Which isn't all that bad a deal all around.

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Did you get the 3 for $100 or did you get the 2 for $100?  If you got the 3 for $100 then discount wouldn't apply as you are saving $40 as that line is free which is a far bigger discount than the 10% you'd be getting. 😊

Always had the 2 for $100, on both the Simple Choice and the T-Mobile One. Only difference is T-Mobile One now includes taxes and fees where previously it didn't. Went from about $113 a month to $100 a month.

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My discount applies for the 2 for $100 but not the 3 for $100.

2 for $100 is still a great deal for unlimited everything. The extra $10 a month isn't gonna be a lot, but if you could save $120 a year why not, That's like having a free month. Just disappointing that they say they have it, but don't approve it, and have no valid reason behind it.

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I find it interesting it applies to me and not you. We both technically work in the same place.

I think the difference is who we get to talk to when calling into T-Mobile, and who's reviewing the applications that were sent to T-Mobile. Though if I submit my forms a few more times, it might actually go through if a different person looks at it.

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Maybe. I did have my discount for the past 7 years.

The deception is real, and they wont train their store associates correctly. Funny thing is, I get the email that says I'm verified for the Advantage Program, but still I don't get a discount. From a chat I had with T-mobile today they verified that the Mobile One plan is "promotional" so it doesn't qualify.

Technically, they can consider all of their plans "promotional" to get around giving us any discounts. Oh, and the email states that we'll get a $25 gift card for each line...another lie....I tried multiple times and apparently I'm wasn't eligible for those either.

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Advantage Program: Limited time offer; subject to change. Up to 10 lines. One reward card per device purchase. Eligible rate plans only. Card is valid for 90 days. See reward card for additional terms.

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I'm going having the same issue, I have no issue with TMO saying due to plans already being heavily discounted, they would do away with the discount. One of the movie theaters here locally officer reduced price ticket's on Tuesday's which is lower than the Military discount. I'm wouldn't expect or demand an additional 10% off.

I was frustrated that my military discount was removed, and I was not informed that I had to renew yearly after 10 yrs.  

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nelfar212 wrote:

I'm going having the same issue, I have no issue with TMO saying due to plans already being heavily discounted, they would do away with the discount. One of the movie theaters here locally officer reduced price ticket's on Tuesday's which is lower than the Military discount. I'm wouldn't expect or demand an additional 10% off.

I was frustrated that my military discount was removed, and I was not informed that I had to renew yearly after 10 yrs.

It should have not been removed.  It just doesn't apply.

IF it was removed and you didn't renew it might not be because they didn't tell you.  They may very well may have, but often unless it's a bill people treat mail as advertising at times and never bother reading.  I do it from time to time. Well Actually recently as my car has an airbag recall and got my final warning about. lol

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To be honest unless when I make changes, which is not very often, I do look and review my bill an if there are no discrepancies after 3-4 months. I check my balance and just pay it. I had to review with all the mess the BOGO caused.  And no they didn't tell me or I would have on top of it. It's back on my account now.

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Then they may have told you, but you glossed over it if you are being honest.  It wouldn't be on your bill but a something written to you which you may have mistaken as spam mail.  Honestly I almost threw mine away.  My wife happened to open it and that's how I knew when they switched to that new advantage discount thing.

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It's possible, hince why I haven't called seeking compenstion for the months that my discount was dropped. Just that it would be reinstated and what I needed to do going forward. I'm clear going fwd.