Minors and safety

  • 19 October 2021
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Be advised attachments may contain things you may find offensive-If this post gets flagged for being offensive, then we have a much bigger problem than what I am dealing with. I am only allowed to attach 1 image, however I have dozens if not close to over a hundred at this point.

I am putting this on here to hopefully get resolution. My daughter has a cellphone. Everything that can be put in place from screen time, to kids account, to scam shield is put into place. PAGES of blocked numbers, short number blocks, apple id is secure. She does not know her email to sign up for things, she does not have the ability to sign up with her mobile device. 

I promise you, if you name it it has been done, please do not respond to this with simple “turn it off and on again” solutions.
This horse is dead and beaten.

I am putting this out to the community because months, my wife and I have been in contact with “support”. Who are very good at asking you “are you satisfied with your results?” “How can we better help you”

Not one single person has listened to us, it is always transfer a phone call to someone who has to hear the story all over again with the same DEAD END response.
I monitor my kids phone appropriately, but no one not a single person should have to worry about this type of content coming through. Which becomes more relentless after we talk to T-Mobile. And each and every phone call is ended with a “the issue will now be resolved.”

Disclaimer I will be paraphrasing content, so if you are offended easily, please stop reading now.

My daughter receives texts about “meeting up”, adds for Viagra, links to pornographic sites.
When we mention this content to the employees they respond with

and I quote (which I can back up with recording) “ I don’t need to hear or see that” and one store employee, literally covered their eyes.

Oh I am so sorry? Are you offended by the content that makes its way to my daughters phone? Excuse me while I continue to pay for your “services” and allow you to do nothing. 

I am putting this on the community because I feel that if a company advertises “family plan” or “kids line” but they allow a minor to be exposed to this kind of content then there is something incredibly wrong.

If you respond to this message about emails, apple id or anything that places the responsibility on someone who has been receiving this kind of content since 36 hours after turning a phone on you need to remove yourself from the conversation immediately. I don’t expect any resolution from T-Mobile. The solution is simple, allow another phone company to pay the rest of my bill, and for us to cancel service. The last phone call (10/18/21) the customer service member said “make sure you do it before the start of your next billing cycle- to save money” 
Quality- time and time again, nothing like customer retention with advice on when to end your service.
 I’ve personally been a customer of T-Mobile for 15 years. 
Unreal. This is all unreal.






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Have you tried changing the phone number? To me it sounds likes someone is using the number to sign up for messages.

I have a very very common name and use it for my Gmail and I get all kinds of spam like that but luckily it drops it in the spam folder.

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My daughter has a cellphone … My daughter receives texts about “meeting up”, adds for Viagra, links to pornographic sites.


As @gramps28 has said, getting a new number may help.  When I first got my service at T-Mobile, they had given me someone’s old number, and I was ungodly spammed.  I then requested a new number that had never been assigned before, and the spamming stopped.

Does your daughter need texting?  There is a way to totally turn off texting.