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  • 28 October 2021
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I was a happy Metro-PCS by T-Mobile. I received a text inviting me to switch to T-Mobile based on my payment consistency.  I looked at the text invite and discovered that the offer was online or via phone order. I called and spoke with Daniel. Daniel was enthusiastic about the offer and proceeded to discuss trade in of my 2019 iPhone SE. The phone was in great condition, so I could look forward to a $400 credit (paid via monthly credits) upon mailing my phone in, using a prepaid mailing label that he would email to me. (Never did get that from him…I had to call again for that) The hitch, though, was that I had to sign up for the forever trade in program. As good an offer as it appeared, I chose to opt out. Because of my choice, he explained that I would only get a $200 credit, again via monthly credit, $8.84/month for 24 months. He then sold me a $20 charging cube by lying to me, telling me this was the only kind that would be compatible with my phone…even my Apple cube. (Absolutely untrue) He then emailed several documents to me and asked me to e-sign while he was on the phone with me. Foolishly assuming that the documents would be exactly as quoted, I signed and uploaded them. 
I received my new phone here days later and set upon setting it up. I also looked at the included paperwork, and saw that now I would only be receiving $100.  I know it wasn’t due to condition of my trade in….I still hadn’t received the pre-paid return label. 

So now I’ve been lied to AND ripped off.  Needless to say, I’m less than impressed and look forward to switching to another carrier.  

Welcome to T-Mobile????

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