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  • 27 June 2018
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I just got out the hospital on Monday and I made a payment online. Call t mobile this morning and they dont have the payment at all. I checked my bank account and the payment was made. I advised to the agent my situation and that I can’t drive or go anywhere and to see if there is a way to show proof of payment. They advised me I would have to print out my statement and go to a store. I am unable to drive and told them that. They didn’t care at all. I’m so fustrated with t mobile and that is insane to me. To make a person go the the extreme to verify they made the payment. T mobile use to be very professional but now it has really changed and the agents are rude. T mobile is a very large company and I don’t understand why there isn’t an email for customer to do complaints or a corporate office to take further actions. I’m not understanding why you guys don’t have those type of services? I also had a problem with the app. It advised me to pay this amount to restore services and when I did it didn’t reflect on my bill and I called and they said it was wrong. Why would the website tell me one thing and an agent tell me another? Very unprofessional and this makes me want to leave t mobile.


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6 replies

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Oh that's rough. For what it's worth, I'm glad you're out of the hospital, and I hope you get better soon. I totally understand it's not possible for you to go to the store right now. I can totally take the feedback that you've given us here and report what happened. I do wanna see if there's more that can be done to handle the payment concern. You should try reaching out to our T-Force team through the Facebook or Twitter links on our Community-2153​ page. They are a great resource for things and may be able to help with sorting out this payment issue. We appreciate you coming here and I'm sorry we were so rude to you.

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Hey there!

We know you had a rough experience so we wanted to follow back up and see if you were able to follow the suggestions Mike made and get this resolved! 😊