missing payment document

  • 17 February 2021
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After about a month of trying and multiple hours on the phone, we are still missing the money. The last rep I talked to told me to send the bank statement that I have showing that money went to tmobile. I am having no luck finding a way to send the statement. I was told to go to t-mobile claims they have never received any money, although it came out of the bank account.  I am fed up at this point, next steps are letters to both t-mobile and the attorney General. This has put my family in a hardship.

1 reply

I am having the same frustrating issue with T-Mobile that has been ongoing since September 2021 without resolve.  For some unknown reason, my account was charged $223.94 for an unknown number that does not belong to me or my account.  Initially, I filed a dispute with my credit card company while T-Mobile was investigating the charge.  A few days later, I was alerted by text and noticed a credit of $223.94 was applied to my T-Mobile account.  I then immediately cancelled my dispute claim with my credit card company thinking all is well and done. However, the credit card company already processed the refund and then REVERSED the refund since I cancelled the dispute.  When T-Mobile noticed the initial payment was backed out by credit card company, they reversed the credit of $223.94 on my T-Mobile account leaving me with a charge of $223.94 credited to T-Mobile on my credit card statement (back to square one).  I have tried numerous times on the phone with T-Mobile reps trying to get this resolved.  I was first told by a T-Mobile customer rep that I would be contacted by their Billing Department the next day.  They never contacted me to this day. I asked to be connected to their Billing Department with whom this issue lies but the subsequent reps would not.  Finally, the last rep texted me a Missing Payment Document form which I filled out with attachment of my credit card statement showing all the charges.  Two months later, I still have not heard from T-Mobile.  I am way beyond frustrated!