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  • 29 September 2017
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Every time I try to see my usage details for each of my phone lines on the My T-Mobile website, I get the message "unable to process the request at the moment" and that I should check back later. This has been going on for at least 2 days. Any one else having this problem?


Best answer by tmo_chris 18 October 2017, 23:52

Hey everyone,

I know that this issue is super frustrating and you all have been very patient with us. I just confirmed with our web support teams that they have identified the issue and are testing out a fix. We will be deploying this fix as soon as we possibly can. Please hang in there 😊

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73 replies

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Well that is no good at all! Which browser are you using? Have you tried using another browser or perhaps clearing your current browsers cache, cookies, and history?

I am using Google. I will try clearing it.

I cleared all the available options Google gave me and I still cannot see my usage details.

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Thanks for trying that. Do you have any other browsers you can try like Firefox? If you have the same issue using an alternate browser, please contact us so that our support team can escalate this up and get it resolved.

I tried Firefox and still got the same results. I will contact T-mobile through your link. Thank you.

I talked to a tech person at Tmobile the same day I originally posted about this. He filed a work order to look into it. I still cannot see any of the current usage details for any of the lines on my account. I don't want to see last month's details from the bill. I would like to see details from the last few days. I have been able to see these before, but for some reason, I can't see them now. Help?

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I am glad you were able to get in touch with our support teams and that they were able to open up a support ticket for this. Unfortunately, at this point, we will need to wait till our web teams can get this bug fixed. Did you happen to get an ETR when you called to report this?

I  did not get an estimated time of resolution. Maybe someone is still working on it.

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Typically, web support tickets can take 5-7 business days but the changes may also not be reflected until your billing cycle restarts.

I have had the same trouble. It's been at the least 3 days that I have not been able to see usage details. I have tried on various web browsers and even in the t-mobile app. Nothing shows even if I try a few hours later. Let me know if submitting a web support ticket works.

Today is October 7th and I still can't see my usage details so, as far as I know right now, it has not worked.

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I know it has only been a few days since you had your support ticket open but if you Contact Us again, our care teams can definitely provide you with an update. 

This has been happening to me since 9/26. Does anyone have an update? It's very frustrating.

Ive been having the same problem! Its so annoying ive contacted support twice and nothing has been fixed! Its frustrating . I thought i was the only one! This problem needs to be fixed already! It should not be taking a month!

I have the same problem. I cant see messages from this month only past month's. Should I contact tmobile or it just a bug on their website?

I think at this point it's a bug in their system. I still am not able to check my details for this month but anything past that I can see. Pretty frustrating.

My problem with it has not been fixed so I'm not sure contacting them will help with correcting it.

I also tried contacting them but got nothing. They were unable to resolve the issue.

I am having the same issue and I have been in contact with support and I was able to open an incident. No solution provided. The customer Rep does have the ability to reset your webpage menu functions. It might help you out but it was a no go for me.  Now, rumor has it, there was an update that broke, it might be related to the application deployment to iPhone in someway or maybe IPhone Operating systems related.   I guess we won't know until it's fix.

Well, they provide me a solution I'll let you all know.

Unable to process the request at the moment. Try after some time.

Your not alone.

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For anyone still experiencing this error, please Contact Us if you have not already and our support teams with open up a support ticket so that our web teams can further investigate this.

I had a trouble ticket opened on this issue for over a week. Do I need to do anything else?

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Thanks for doing that @magenta2835900 😊 We just need to wait a bit for the web teams so fully investigate the issue.

I have had the same issue. Have not seen my current usage fie almost a week. Contacted customer service and they said they would work on the problem. Its been days and nothing is fixed.

I am also having this issue.  I tried to use the online 'message us' and everytime I do it says You are no longer logged in. Log in again to view the conversation. - however, I am logged in.  Ugh. I have tried on many different browsers, cleared cache and all history settings - still cannot view usage details.  Please provide an ETR, as this appears to be affecting many tmobile users

Having the same issue, but only on one line. Is there some sort of setting that needs to be changed or something? Apparently, nothing is being done about it.