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  • 15 September 2018
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This has helped greatly for me (just came from Verizon and have an unlocked (bought straight from OnePlus, full price) OnePlus 8 Pro.  The only thing now is that I tried to send a video; I use Textra on Android, it reduced the video quality, the file size was 825k, and it still gave the failure message “Error-permanent-contentnot-accepted”



also keep in mind that most texting apps have a limit size for sending videos..might check out the settings area to see your limits.

Not working. Just bought a “FULLY UNLOCKED” LG V40 ThinQ. Everything works except MMS messages. Spent hours on the phone with snotty customer service and etch support people. Tried the settings on the T-mobile web site. Works fine back in my old Pixel 2. Now it won’t even make phone calls. Message is “No SIM card or SIM card error. WTF? Why would it work in the old Pixel and not the much newer LG V40? Tried the port 80 thing too. Nothing. Should I even bother going in to the store?