Monthly Anxiety with tmobile CS calls/Billing issues

  • 22 June 2022
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I am utterly appalled at the horrific customer service experience T-Mobile has provided, month after month. I’ve spoken with a customer service rep each month (sometimes, several times) since January to resolve my billing matter, that T-Mobile created! Upon calling we are advised of being on a recorded line, where are all these recordings when needed. Each rep states after almost 2 hour calls (truly ridiculous) that they have everything resolved. I’m instructed to pay what my “monthly bill will be going forward” only to get constant text of service interruption, due to my bill not being paid in full. Additionally, each next month, not only is there a past due portion reflected, BUT, the bill has increased even more without explanation. I’m drained!! This is horrible customer service, I have not made any changes to my account since it opened, why is it this hard to have service and pay my bill timely.. (as I do) and be in peace. I have several health issues and this is not helping at all. I must have phone service and would like to have it without All the anxiety. 

1 reply


We switched to Tmobile in October and have had billing issues every month except the very first month. I use the Tmobile app chat to get them resolved.  Each month they tell me it will be fixed the following billing period,  but it never is.