• 12 July 2019
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Has anyone figured out how to configure the International Moto G7 Power to enable wi-fi calling?


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Most likely because it was not verified on T-Mobile's Network and not sold by T-Mobile it may not work. The closest thing to the G7 power would be the G7 which is called the T-Mobile Revvlry.  The G7 Plus is also known as the Revvlry Plus.

Mine just worked. All I had to do was make sure WiFi Calling was turned on.

Thanks. I do not get a "wifi calling" all I get is WiFi preference.  Can you give me what settings you are using... this is making me crazy!

Settings -> Network & Internet -> Mobile Network -> Advanced -> Wi-Fi Calling -> {On/Off, Calling preference, Roaming preference}

The settings I use are ON, Mobile Preferred & Wi-Fi

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You might want to check your account to make sure it is provisioned for WiFi Calling and that your E911 address is there and up to date.