My $500 cash down payment is gone

  • 19 April 2021
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Hi There~!

I opened new accounts with ‘buy one get one $730 discount’ promotion so i opened 2 new accounts and get $730 discount. Also, I paid $500 in cash upfront toward to new phone which not applied promotion.

1st phone paid $500 in cash upfront.

2nd phone applied $730 promotion.

The original phone (2 phones) cost is $2200 - $500 in cash - $730 promotion = $970 is the correct balance of device.

I applied finance for 30months / $970 = $32.33/month for two phones. This is what I understood when I opened new account.

But, in reality, I am paying $49/month. Their calculation is $2200 - $730 promotion = $1470 / 30months = $49/month.

Where is my $500?

I spoke to operator and supervisor and even went to store, nobody explained me correctly.

Is there anyone can help me out with this?


1 reply

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Promotion is more than likelybill credits which generally start showing up after a billing cycle or two.