My cell phone number has been compromised

  • 13 October 2021
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I subscribe to AAA’s Protect My ID program.  I was informed this year that my cell phone number has been compromised and is listed under someone else’s name in a city about 40 miles from my location.  I do not have a smart phone - it’s more of a Jitterbug-type phone - and I can only talk and text.  My account is a prepaid account.  It recently occurred to me that maybe the other person can receive my texts and MFA codes.  I’ve been reading the Community discussions regarding SIM switching and am wondering what my next steps should be.  I’ll take all the information I can get.  I also read something about a T-Mobile program called NOPORT and would like to know more.  Thanks!

1 reply

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Is your mobile service working on your device?  Can you login to your prepaid account and verify your information has been changed?  Are you seeing activity on your service that you don’t think is from your usage?  If not, I’m going to assume that the AAA’s whatever it is you are looking at is wrong.  However, if you feel the need, go to your local T-Mobile store and get a new SIM card for your service.