My iphone 13 is on Howtspot Data

  • 17 May 2022
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So I’ve been having issues for 2 years with my device mainly with backups/calls and texts/app notification sounds/and unknown changes on my bill/ connecting to hotspot my iPhone 13 needs to be connected to my home wifi to connect another device like it’s a modem/router and still uses my Wi-Fi not the cellular data.. Basically what I’m starting to think is T-Mobile has me on some kinda data plan for a tablet or watch something like that. possibly a digits line since my number needs a country code like digits showed my number. My bill /account on T-Mobile dosnt show my # with the country code anywhere but digits. And they continue to lie about it , when I get on chat they say everything is good providing no details no proof of anything their telling me and say one thing then after arguing with me say something different that contradicts what they said first.! Spoke with multiple supervisors that do the same and play games like they don’t know what I’m asking them or provide information on stuff I’m not asking about and just waste my time saying their looking into the account then 10 minutes later say oh it’s looks good or what was the issue.!? They fail to show me my lease on the devices saying their system information is basically my lease so the information on my signed lease doesn't matter cause the system information is right they said. I had a 12pro max on JOD upgraded to the iPhone 13 it moved my number from the 12 to the 13 but kept the device on my account like it was financed and are not removing it it does not have cellular service so why is a leased device on their with no service.!? So now I have 2 device under the same line now one has service the other who knows.! And the only way to upgrade or get that 13 was by going in store or turning in the JOD device. They said I did a “standard upgrade” whatever that is.? Theirs only 3 options (upgrade/add a line/or bring own device.) so how was a New device processed under the same JOD line moved over the number from the 12 to the 13 and then left the 12 on my account to pay still.!?

1 reply