My sent texts are not received by anyone

  • 1 August 2020
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Hello, my phone number can receive texts, calls, and use the internet. With and without wifi enabled. However, when it sends a text, it shows as sent, but no one gets them.

I have tried it in different apps, and I have tried it on 3 different devices.

What happens is that the message is shown as sent.  T-mobile my account shows the activity as well. However, NOBODY is getting the texts.  Have tried people on different networks and people on the same network.  

Is there an error with my account?  Did T-mobile flag the messages as spam and is filtering them from others?  I called customer service three days ago, they said they were forwarding my issue to an engineer, yet still no resolution.

5 replies

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Have you double checked the APN on your device?  You could try deleting the default APN, recreating it using the information at the following page, and then rebooting your device.,Press%20the%20Menukey.%205%20Touch%20Save.%20More%20


Thank you, I just followed those steps.  Same result.


My wife’s phone was blocked from sending texts because tmobile said that she was spamming out within a 2.5 hour time frame.  I had to call support to find this out.  She does not spam and send out automated texts.  I am leaving tmobile due to this bull.  They say they can’t remove the filter for ten days.  Most bizarre thing I have ever experienced.


It has been approximately a week, and her texting has been restored. 

So based on the previous reply, I have to assume she was tagged as a spammer and given a 1 week cool down.  This is likely because here texts are pretty long and she sends them in the same parts to multiple people.  Solution is to reduce the quantity and frequency of texts.

That’s the best I can come up with.  T-mobile support operators could not advise on any of this or give any solutions other than “It isn’t us”, which is completely untrue.  Unfortunately the customer service support teams are not given the tools or permissions to give the correct answers.  

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which texting app is it?