Solved site not working (AGAIN)

I have had issues with for YEARS. The latest issue (for the past 4 + weeks) is I can not get in. I have numerous T-Mobile Accounts/BAN's and there is always issues. was never meant to be used with Business/National accounts in the first place and this is the only tool we get to monitor our account(s). Here is what I get now (see screen shot).... I can log in, then it goes to this screen, and I can get no further. I have called, emailed, opened tickets, all to no avail. T-Mobile really needs to fix this or create a tool for business/national accounts to use. I need access to 10 to 20 times per day. Come on T-Mobile spend some money!


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I have a prepaid plan. I could not ADD FUNDS to my account. With the help of someone high in T-Mobile he got me to try changing my browser. I have Windows 10 in my laptop. I used Microsoft Edge. I have full access to the site. On a computer and another laptop (both have Windows 7) I have access to the site. That suggestion worked! I removed the T-Mobile app, because it did not work at all!

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I understand and our engineering is working on the site. Right now, if there's anything you're unable to access or change on your own, then you should Community-2153​ so our Care team can help.

It seems I have issues every time I try to do anything on My- T-mobile. Insanely glitchy, and half the time I get not available error. I would think T Mobile could do better than this...

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Have you tried another browser? I believe I may not be the only one to have troule with Google. The Microsoft Edge browser worked for me. You may have to try others. Edge is in Windows 10.

I think when a tech company has such issues like these it demonstrates that the techs working at t-mobile are incompetent of holding such a position, that is due to the fact that hiring managers (at t-mobile & other companies) are looking for people to have good people skills rather than someone who has technical knowledge for their systems (I found this becoming a major issue in many companies and industries), and another reason would be to hire fresh grads to learn on their existing systems, so lest hope that office butterfly is ready to stop chitchatting about what they did over the weekend and get back to his desk to do some work to help the paying customers! 


My T-Mobile webpage issues are never-ending. Line Details is not loading, doesn’t display the recent calls/texts log, can’t access the line data usage info, etc, etc.

I tried most browsers out there in both standard and stealth modes, different devices, different operating systems and all to no avail…

Does T-Mobile monitor this community? I see similar complaints from other members dated YEARS ago and yet nothing changed.

This is STILL a problem, a year later!  WTF T-Mobile?  I also can’t get into my accounts, yet it allows me to login to this message board.  This is the message I get on the rare occasion I make it past the account switcher page.

T-Mobile, Fix this already!!!!



It’s pretty pathetic on the part of T-Mobile to completely abandon their website support while claiming everywhere to be the UnCarrier. Unless that’s what the UnCarrier means to T-Mobile...

Have tried numerous times to sign into account to pay bill, and this is all I get:


Me too, all I get is this

It’s a shame, going on for weeks now, incredible this is not foxed yet. Tried with ALL possible browsers!!!



Server Error. Please try again after sometime.

What a joke of a company. TMobile for Business website has been screwed up for at least a year.