Name ID app gone on Samsung S8

  • 5 February 2018
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Ive searched for this app everywhere hidden, in galaxy and play store apps, main settings after system apps, T-Mobile USA website no where I look has it. I have a Samsung Galaxy S8 and all I did was go under main settings storage and then disable. It seemed to have completely gotten rid of it. This all started because I was trying to get it enabled, it was giving me a error telling me I couldn't mess with it unless I was the PAH.... I very much so have been, and after dropping my family allowances feature was dropped. HELP!!!!!!!


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I could be mistaken but I know that T-Mobile uses the Hiya service and Hiya is built into Samsung dialers now. So because the T-Mobile ID feature uses the same service as what is built into the Samsung dialer it may have been considered a redundancy.

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I think snn555 is on to something here. However, if you still want the app I can also confirm that it is in the play store. I have it downloaded on my S8 as a test and everything checks out on my end. Let us know if you still need help.

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Hey there!

@snn555​'s recommendation is one of three apps available to use with Name ID. You can also use PrivacyStar or Cequint. Give one of those apps a shot!

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Did you still need any help with this?

this is still not available to download for my phone.

I was actually able to locate the .apk file for this and re-enable it.

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Might have been under settings and apps and was disabled.

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vanocut10 wrote:

I was actually able to locate the .apk file for this and re-enable it.

Woah, well I guess that is one way to do it haha. So everything is okay now?

I was able to get the app back but I am still unable to use it. For whatever reason it is giving me an error message saying that I am not the PAH (which I've checked with t-mobile that I am) and I can't enable the service. Its really frustrating since everything is saying this service comes included with my one plus feature! I've created a new post on this:

Permissions on Galaxy S8 not reflecting on Name ID and T-Mobile apps

I just got a message back from Privacy Star (the new supporter of the latest Name ID app for T-Mobile) and this is what I got:

Hi there and Good Morning

You've reached T-Mobile Name iD Support. We provide email assistance on issues or questions relating to the app's features, etc..

Thank you for providing us with a screenshot of what you are reeving.

Since T-Mobile handles account questions and issues, please visit my or the t-mobile website or contact T-Mobile support as they most likely will need to update something in their systems.

Hope this information was helpful.

We're marking this ticket to *Solved* but should you need to follow back up with us about it, please just reply and it will re-open automatically.

Yours Respectfully,

PrivacyStar Support

both are telling me that I have another app installed conflicting with it and even after uninstalling the error doesn't change

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So this definitely sounds account related. Please contact our care teams so we can ensure you are set as the PAH properly. If or care teams show that you are set as the PAH and you are still having this problem. They will need to open up a trouble ticket with our engineers so we can take a closer look.

I also lost the Name ID app on my S8.  It's not in my app listing, nor is it disabled.  I've been trying to mark certain callers as spam like I used to, but the dialer doesn't have this option, so it certainly didn't replace name id.

Using a link to the play store to re-download, Play Store said my device was not compatible.

On the T-Mobile site, when managing all of my phones, all phones but my S8 had the option to enable Name ID in the "other" section.  My S8 didn't have this option.

I'm thinking this was intentionally removed, but my 3 hours invested in tech support make me think that the right hand is not talking to the left hand.  I finally reached advanced support who had no idea, and they forwarded my call to Samsung support, who also had no idea that this was missing from galaxy s8 on Tmobile.

@tmo_chris or anyone know how to get the Name ID back on the S8?

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I have my app still on my S8. I have not had this issue but I suggest booting the device into safe mode and seeing if it is visible. You can also try installing it from the Google Play store. If worse comes to worse you can restore the phone from a back up where the app is present or factory reset.

Thanks for taking the time out of your day to help.  I just tried safe mode and the app still is not visible.  I'll keep searching for solutions. 

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No problem and if you do find a solution try to share it on this thread so others can see how to fix it. I wish you luck my friend and will let you know if I see one pop up.

I have 7 lines on my account.  The only two lines which do not have the "name id" option under "other services" are my lines that have the "one plus" data service, which includes the name ID.

The app used to reside on my phone, but it's gone. 

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I am just curious, is the app still doing its job even though it is not visible?

I suspect that since I'm a One Plus data subscriber, that the server is doing some of the work rather than an app on my phone, however I'm missing the ability to flag a call as SPAM.  I've recently had a ton of "neighbor spoofing" calls that I'd like to report which I remember was something the app featured.

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I also have one plus though so it is weird that the app got removed for you. This is such a strange thing but this info is definently going to be helpful in pegging the cause.

I've had this issue and I have pinpointed it to the fact that I have the "OnePlus" data plan, which includes NameID.

Advanced Tech Support couldn't identify the app.  But she mentioned something called Privacy Star - the upcoming app being tested.  I decided to download it.  When installing, it said "Multiple Call Blocking Applications...".  Upon pressing "Uninstall", the "T-Mobile Name ID" window opens, and asks if I want to uninstall the app.  When pressing "OK", I get an "uninstall unsuccessful".

So basically, I think when you sign up for OnePlus, the Name ID app moves to the background and becomes a system app/hidden.

Now I'm trying to figure out how to unenroll from Name ID without losing my One Plus promo.....

Confirmed today that the Name ID app is outsourced as a part of the One Plus data package. I have One Plus, so I cannot see the app actually on my phone.  The call identification seems to occur on a third party server. 

Found this after numerous tech support calls and conversing with Samsung.  Name ID resides nowhere on my phone, but when I tried to install the Privacy Star app, I received an error that there were multiple call blocking functions running.  Upon being asked to uninstall T-Mobile Name ID I receive a message that says "uninstall unsuccessful".

Now the catch:  I can opt out of the $5 one-plus promo, but if it doesn't work, I have to go back to one-plus at $10.

The problem behind the question is that Name ID is not effective at blocking neighbor-spoofing calls.  PrivacyStar appears to be better-suited.

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Again this is really odd to me since I have the one plus promo in which I only pay 5 dollars and I have not had this issue. I personally would not take the risk but then again I am used to the spoof call bs.

Finally resolved.  Tech Support disabled One Plus and reenabled.  I rebooted, then factory wiped my phone.  The app is there now.  Lots of steps to go through, but the app is now back.

My name id died yesterday, may/19, after more than a year without a plus plan...