Need new phone in overseas

  • 10 January 2022
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I am in Sweden and if I get a new phone here at the apple store, would it be a clean swap with the sim card from old phone to new? Do I need to go into t-mobile and let them know I have a new phone or will it detect automatically?

Second question, would my account automatically switch over?! or do I need to do something in the old phone first before?

2 replies

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depends on how old your old phone is and if it was a 5G device or not.

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OK. I’m pretty sure the phone you buy in Sweden will be unlocked but it might be a good idea to ask if it is “carrier unlocked.” Swapping the SIM will move your phone number to the new phone but there’s a bit of setup involved to move all your files, apps and stuff to the new phone. I recently helped my brother move all his files and stuff from his old iPhone 6 to an iPhone X and it took a bit over an hour. Apple has a nice system for doing this. Assuming the old phone will still boot up, you just put the new phone near the old one and start the setup process. The new phone will ask you if you’re moving from an old phone and if you answer “Yes”, it just takes you by the hand and leads you through the steps.

Accounts like, I can’t tell you about. It may install the app but not copy the account validation information. You may have to reenter passwords manually.