Netflix not available to loyal customers...

  • 7 September 2017
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I am with T-Mobile for almost 10 years now with 10 lines active lines on my plan which T-Mobile call as grandpa plan because I am loyal to T-Mobile for 9+ years with a payment miss. Its really disturbing that Netflix is available to newer customers only unless I lose all my benefits of being loyal to T-Mobile and convert my plan to latest T-Mobile one Plan which is 2 times as expensive as my existing plan is. Mostly companies give better perks to loyal customers but seems like this is not the case with T-Mobile. I am really disappointed due to this as I don't want to lose my benefits which I earned over the period for time for being loyal to T-mobile but I am really thinking if I want to stay with t-mobile or should I start looking for a change to another carrier.


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I'm on a promo plan saving $60 over the usual cost. I think I'm ok not changing plans to save $10 and spend $50. Let's not be overly greedy.

And it's not just NEW customers. It's for ANY customer who joins a qualifying regular price One Plan with 2 or more voice lines.

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I've been a loyal customer for 13+ years and I just switched to the Tmobile One Plus 55

which Netflix is not available with this plan but for $60 a month for two lines I could care less.

If I really wanted to add Netflix I could just pay for it but I wouldn't since every time I signed up for Netflix my credit card

info got stolen within a week.

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As you pointed out, you are saving over $60 over the normal/current plan and dollars to donuts you are saving substantially more than that compared to other carriers.  So you would switch carriers, pay more, get less just because you didn't get NetFlix?   Yeah it would be great if they could give it to everyone, I am on a grandfathered simple choice 2x100 and don't get it either but would I leave over it just to pay more for less somewhere else, no that's not logical. 

They have given those of us on the SC plans all the other un-carrier stuff including TMO Tuesday this was one they just couldn't afford to do on the grandfathered or promo plans.  If you watched the call JL pretty much said this isn't "free", TMO is paying everyone's Netflix bill with a bit of a discount and it just wasn't possible and he specifically mentioned the T! +55 plan which is seriously discounted.  They are a for profit company and do need to make a profit and can't knowling do things that lose money.  With that being said though one thing that JL pointed out early on after he first took over was that while yes they need to make a profit there is also limit to that and pointed out that at that time VZW's profit margin was 55% on each customer and he called that robbery.

I suspect over time they will start offering other carrots to try and get all of us grandfathered plans to switch to T1, this however IMHO wasn't a carrot to do that it was simply something that JL wanted to change and show the others that you don't need to go buy a satellite company to provide content to your customers but the only way that financially worked was in the framework of the T1 plan.

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We do appreciate your loyalty @paragupt  and I'm bummed you're thinking about leaving. I'd strongly suggest taking a look at your plan in comparison to our competitors before you make the switch. Though getting the Netflix on us is a sweet offer, we'd only want you to switch plans if it works out for you. Thanks for coming here to share your thoughts.

I'm one a TMO One All In promo. My Plan doesn't match any item listed under plans not qualified, and matches all of the listed criteria for qualifying to have Netflix, but I'm unable to add it, unless I pay another $20, when a Netflix membership runs $9.99. Feels kinda like I'm getting verizon'd

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The word "promo" in T-Mobile ONE All In promo is the operative word. Promo means not a regularly priced plan.

Pretty poorly thought out promotion from Tmobile in my opinion.

I have the Simple Choice plan with 2 lines = 100$ the option to get Netflix on the account is 130$.

This promotion is to be absolutely avoided by existing customers. 

It was an utter waste of my time to look up details of the "shiny" new plan to discover an additional cost of 18$-20$ depending on your netflix sub.

Tmobile Tuesday is also another sinkhole to be avoided.

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I've scored some good stuff with Tmo Tuesdays. I've saved about $100 in the past year on gas, got some gear, free movies, ezine subs, frostys, pizza, coffee, etc.....

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It will cost you $10 to add Netflix to your account , you just have to add

it through Netflix.

If I were to take their new promotion it would increases my spending by  18$/month or 20$/month - it all depends on your choice of netflix subscription.

Spending an additional 30$ for no benefit - this promotion is just simply to be avoided by existing customers. 

The math was simple - just the amount of time wasted looking at all the details and determining that this plan is absolutely to be avoided for existing customers

is why the promotion is bad.  

Good for you.

Everytime I have checked - useless stuff - magazine subscriptions, etc. - or "free" when you purchase other things. 

I guess your experience has been different than mine.  I will just avoid this sinkhole as well...

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If your an existing customer with a TMO One plan then it's a good deal so

to say existing customers should avoid wouldn't be totally correct. The TMO

One plan compared to competitors is in line so this is just a way to

differentiate their current plan with their current plans. If You watched

the Q&A call they made it clear that this is costing them money and to do

it for the 2x$100 or especially the +55 TMO One plan was just not

financially an option. Be happy you have a great plan (2x100) I have it an

it's a hell of a deal so if I wanted Netflix that bad paying the $9.99 plus

my 2x100 is still cheaper than the current plan rates so it's still a deal,

me I will use it for Amazon Prime for my Grand Tour (Top Gear redux)

As for TMO Tuesday, why avoid? It doesn't cost you anything and while yes

some weeks there isn't anything that interests me some weeks are pretty

good. Like last week, I live in the SE and with Harvey and Irma has prices

jumped big time so the $0.30 per gallon was great. I catch on my movies

with free VUDU movies and when they do the $4 movie tickets via Fandango or

Atom the tickets are $4 not other fees and that is even if you go to watch

it in IMAX 3D which is an $18 ticket at AMC here in Atlanta area. So yeah

I could see why you would want to avoid that sink hole.

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magenta2658209 wrote:

If I were to take their new promotion it would increases my spending by 18$/month or 20$/month - it all depends on your choice of netflix subscription.

Spending an additional 30$ for no benefit - this promotion is just simply to be avoided by existing customers.

The math was simple - just the amount of time wasted looking at all the details and determining that this plan is absolutely to be avoided for existing customers

is why the promotion is bad.

I'm on the new 55+One promo plan and I would have to go from $60 to $100 so I knew it wasn't for me.

It only took me a couple of seconds to figure it out.

I agree with you wholeheartedly depending on what the purpose of the promo is. Is it just a free for all "Thanks for Being With Us" for ANY customers for a certain number of years? Or is it for "Family Plans" (such as this case but more specifically, Family Plans being two or more lines on their One Plan and not on a promo). I do get what you're saying but it's a fine line between unfair and nitpicky EXCLUSIONARY clauses VS. flat out rewarding or offering incentives for certain types of programs or types of plan services that they are marketing towards to generate more robust sales. Your point: LOYALTY and neglect and offering goodies to attract new customers for $$$ when this is supposedly the "Un-Carrier" that prides themselves on breaking the mold and LOYALTY! The very principle they're not demonstrating and upholdun. Well noted!

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Nitpicky is my vote since it's not unfair if you're on a promo rate.

I too am bummed out by the fine print in this promotion.  I have 4 lines "T-Mobile One Promo".  This is $40 per line * 4 = 160 but -20 because I autopay.  Talked to a T-Mobile rep (callback used) and MY PLAN DOES NOT QUALIFY.  I thought the point was to counter the ATT and Dish combination?  Guess not.

This is scam on a different level. Am on a grand father plan and looks like am not qualified, as I pay $110 for 2 lines and they are asking me to switch to $130 plan to qualify for Netflix. So they collect $20 in bill from you to pay for your $10 Netflix bill. Thanks, but no Thanks. Switching carrier.

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If that's what you feel you need to do go ahead. the tmo plan without autopay runs about $65 a line x2 $130, now if you don't use your phone as a hotspot then it's a great deal if you really need the hotspot the you're looking at $140 for 2 lines. which would give you

2 lines unl talk/text, and 10gb lte mobile hotspot. and the free Netflix would justify the extra $10.

Granted, Verizon has some of the best coverage and until recent very expensive. I completely get that Verizon can, and has charged premium rates for premium service and that's why I would never go with Verizon My current plan saves me a ton of money compared to TMO.

TMO one 4 lines $180 + $45 because I won't autopay add $50 for increased hotspot data = $275 then add wearable $5 and two tablets $75

My plan North American SC fam promo $150 + $30 = $180 savings $95,add the wearable $5 two tablets $25 bringing my total savings $145.00. so tell me why would I care about paying $10 for Netflix?  You cannot get this value from any provider currently.

very very disappointed with Tmobile not offering Netflix to very long time costumers, Tmobile is going to keep loosing customers because of their deals that do not take into consideration their very first customers, before Tmobile we have Voicestream then Tmobile took over I been with them since that long and I called today to get Netflix and I was told I can't because my promotional code does not qualifu even though I have the correct plan but they want me to pay for the third line which is free when they offered so I took advantage of it but they still want me to pay more if I want to add Netflix. Not Fair TMobile.

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I wish you luck.. If not getting free Netflix your sticking point. I pay for Netflix and still save money, To each their own I guess.