New Customer and MISLEAD About Plan

  • 25 June 2018
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I apologize if this is an incorrect place to raise this issue, but neither the in-store employees nor the customer care representatives have been able to help me, and I do not have access to "Message T-Mobile" or any of the appropriate forum, apparently. Nonetheless, I will try to keep this as short and coherent as possible.

I recently discovered that I will not be having a stable WiFi connection all the time; thus, I decided to switch to T-Mobile and get the ONE Plus International Unlimited--which I understand to be with the > 50GB speed bottleneck--as a backup.

  1. I went into the local store yesterday, and they told me that I cannot get that specific plan because it requires a Social Security Number, which I do not have.
  2. I told them that if I cannot get this plan, it is not worth for me to switch from my current operator.
  3. They told me that I could get the "exact" same features, with the exception of texting from other countries and phone protection, as the ONE Plus International would if I pay $75 for Unlimited and $15 over that for the "ONE Plus International features."
  4. They set everything in order and asked me to sign. I reconfirmed word-by-word what they said, they agreed, and only then did I sign.
  5. I went home to find out that I am capped at the 3G speed of 512kbps for mobile tethering, so I called T-Mobile Customer Care, and they said that with the Prepaid plan, it is not possible to get the 4G speed. I told them the whole situation and how this is NOT what I signed up for. They told me my only option is to go into the store and talk to the manager.
  6. I walked fifty minutes today to the T-Mobile Store in the hopes that I am able to get this sorted, because the bill with my other carrier is coming up, so I either need to cancel them or T-Mobile.
  7. I went in and explained the situation and they acknowledged that it was their fault.
  8. I told them I either want the ONE Plus International plan or my money back, because I quite honestly feel cheated, intentionally or otherwise.
  9. They told me that they can help me and add that feature onto my current plan.
  10. Later, they told me that they can add that feature, but the maximum bandwidth limit would be 10GB for my phone and tethered devices combined. This is, again, NOT what I signed for.
  11. I asked for a refund, and they said that there is "no way" to refund me my money, even though they acknowledged multiple times that I was mislead.
  12. I reluctantly asked if there was at least a way to get the money credited to my account. They called their higher-ups and told me that it is not possible to get the money credited so I could use it for a possible Postpaid at a later time.
  13. Finally, they said that my best bet was the call customer care and make "a big deal out of it."
  14. I called the Customer Care and explained the whole situation, and they just told me go talk to the manager of the store.

I have come full circle.

I have called multiple times, walked twice to the store, and stressed a lot over this. I need this to be sorted. This is ridiculous. Either refund me or switch me over the the ONE Plus International -- with or without a deposit. This is not me signing up for the wrong plan; this is me being MISLEAD. I feel very trapped by T-Mobile right now.


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This totally isn't what we want you to experience and my apologies we didn't get you what you asked for. I feel for you and I'd like to take a shot at getting you some help with this. Can you reply to my private message? I'd like to get some further details and reach out to some folks that I think can help further.

Hi there! I know what your going through because I have dealt with some similar problems in the past...I have some suggestions for you that may or may not work depending on WHO you speak with! I know this for a fact; You have a right to a refund of your money you paid to T-Mobile regardless of what it was you paid for or why! The only problem is the method of payment sometimes. If you paid in cash then there are hoops to go through but as long as you have a receipt, just call or walk in and demand to speak to a supervisor (if they try to get you to forgo this; excuse them and DEMAND again) When you speak to the Supervisor; do not go into detail over the problem unless they specifically ask you, simply DEMAND to have your money refunded or returned because THEY made a mistake and you want your money back! THATS ALL!

Hi aparadoxy,

Sorry for my late reply, but thank you so much for taking the time to write that. 😊

Fortunately Mike was able to connect me with a representative who finally did refund me my money, whilst also letting me keep the service for the rest of the month.

It took a little bit of work, but everything worked out!

Thanks again though.

Have a nice day!

I need to add a talk and text plan to my phone today not in a month I bought a data plan and did not realize it but it took my dad my talk and text away now it won't let me add until next billing cycle another talk and text plan I need to talk and text plan today I can't even call T-Mobile this is b*******