New Customer Cheated by T-Mobile Store and Billed for Services I did nto Order

  • 30 December 2021
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After 25 years with ATT, I switched to T-Mobile two days ago.  The rep at the T-Mobile Store in Chapel Hill, NC seemed nice but when I went home and set up an account, I discovered she had cheated me and added a protection plan and magenta max plan without my permission when I had requested only a magenta 55 plus.  I had repeatedly asked her to print me a copy of my services at the store but she refused saying you can see it when you get your bill.  When I went back to the store they said thats not our issue you need to call customer service.  I have had T-mobile only 2 days and already been billed $44 for these servcies I never authorized. I have called T-mobile 5 times to ask how to file a complaint aganst this store manager and no one can give me an email or postal address to file a complaint.  None of the customer servce reps seem to know how to reverse these unauthorized charges.  I am planning to file a small claims lawsuit and a complaint with the BBB.  Has anyone in this community had these issues? 


3 replies


In addition to the above, I just discovered after scrolling through my account there are official contract documents.  All of these documents appear to have been e-signed by the store manager fradulently signing my name,  This is a clear case of criminal fraud. 

I have encounter the seem thing since Dec 17th.  I migrated to T-mobile from being with Sprint for 20 years,  this company or the representatives I have spoken to lack integrity and follow through. If this situation is corrected I also plan to file a complaint with BBB. My encounter with t-mobile has been utterly ridiculous.   Base on this I would not recommend!!

So on Dec 9th I go into T-mobile and order Galaxy S21, 2 phones  $799.00 But 1 get one.. @ Dec 15th I get my phone Galaxy S20.. not what I ordered.. The store refused to take them back.. Finally I called  customer support  and the store took the phones back.. I was told that the phones I had orginally wanted were out of stock  ..But if I paid $200.00 more total..$999.00 I could upgrade and get the same offer.. Sounded good to me.. And I was given 2 sets of Air Buds, for this promotion.. I was paying @ $85.00 a month with Verizon.. And informed my Bill would be @ $130.00 a month. But as soon as I pay off the phone it would be @ $90.00 a Month.. So on 1/12/22 I get a text, You bill is ready.. I owe $290.00, I.m a little shocked of course.. Being on a fixed income.. So I was on the phone with T-moble  customer service. for 3 hours.. They said everything looked good The 2nd phone wasn’t a promotion and I was billed for full price for 2 phones  . And $131.00 for the free air buds..  They said go down to the store, I did but it was closed for the day..Could this elder abuse, I’m over 75 years old.. If this isn’t resolved today.. I’m going to the asst. attorney General,  and the Police dept. Bunce squad.. To have them look into this matter.. If anyone has any other Ideas, I’d like to hear them..I still can’t get over the fact that $799.00 for 2 phones , I woud agree to $2000.00 for 2 phones..  And I was told you will recieve a copy of the transaction withyour first Bill.. I sure did. To late for buyers remorse (14) days to send phones back.. Store 622D. Ventura Calif..