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We decided to switch our two phone lines from Verizon to T Mobile back in February 2021 because the plan and promotion offered at that time was very attractive. In particular, the promotion that we were offered was a trade-in of our existing Verizon phones for two new T Mobile phones free of charge. Upon receiving our bill, we noticed that we were being charged for one phone on a monthly basis, so we contacted a T Mobile expert who explained that it was a mix-up in promotions and that this would be corrected and reflected on our account.

Well, here we are, 5 months later, after speaking to at least a dozen T Mobile experts, and this problem still exists. Needless to say, this experience has been a disaster, and on top of the promotion screw-up, the coverage on the T Mobile network in our area is terrible. If someone in Customer Support is reading this, please do whatever it takes to resolve this issue, because as of this moment, leaving Verizon was a huge mistake. 

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Devices may be “Free” but it should show up on your bill as a charge.  They will credit  your account the the cost of the device.  Generally takes up to 2 billing cycles, and lasts 24 or 36 months from the date the credit shows up.  They want to lock you in somehow to recoup the costs.  Double check your bill and see if you are getting a credit.


Thanks for the reply.

The person I spoke with last said that they cannot correct the promotional mistake, but they would provide monthly credits to our bill that would eventually equal the value of the device we are being charged for. Let’s see how this week’s “promise” turns out.