new high speed intl data pass. Needs re-activation daily??!

  • 5 September 2018
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I am perplexed at the new international high-speed add on option. I used to be able to buy an add-on for 10 days. I now see it's 24h at $5. If I need it for 7 days, does this mean I have to - while traveling to boot - re-active this manually EVERY SINGLE DAY now? That's the last thing I want to worry about.

I don't mind the price - but there has to be a way to automate that for, say, 7 days in a  row? Or bring back the old plans & scheduling.. ?!

AT&T and Verizon have that flexibility! Usually T-Mobile drives innovation, but seems to be lacking here now.

23 replies

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According to On Demand Data Passes , you can have 2 set up at once to allow for subsequent connections.

My understanding is that you can set it up for a second pass to take effect when the first pass expires or data has elapsed, whichever occurs first.

I know this is a bit of a change if you're used to being able to have the 7 day passes, I'm really sorry for your inconvenience there. 😥

Thank you for the reply,

and I understand that.

However, this makes is really, really inconvenient and much worse that a) what AT&T, Verizon etc offer, and b) much less attractive than what T-Mobile did before.

Picture traveling for 10 days in foreign countries, and now having to think about (10h ahead to boot) to re-activate this manually EVERY DAY (or, yes, maybe every 2 days). It’s a major pain compared to the 10 days (it was 10, not 7 prior) that you could schedule in advance and then forget about.

AT&T & Verizon still offer that, PLUS a daily option. Why not T-Mobile?

I would ask you to take this feedback and escalate; I think a lot of traveller that are longtime T-Mobiel customers would be unhappy with that.

Thank you,

Daniel Osers

I agree - and this is a huge price hike. It used to be $20 for the pass. Now it is $5 per day. The whole reason I joined T-Mobile was for the international options. The usefulness of this just completely cratered for me. I'll be shopping around at this point.

On my last international trip a few months ago I found the 10 day 2 gb data pass was gone. i called T-Mo support and they were puzzled as they didn't know of a change. 24 hours later, it was back and I didn't worry about it as I figured there was a website or database glitch that had been fixed.

Having just arrived in Europe, I discovered the glitch was apparently the 10 day pass reappearing since all that is now available is a 1 day pass for $5 - which means 10 days is $50 ... the original 10 day pass was $20.

I have to agree with others that this is not a good move and a disservice to T-Mo customers. It would appear that the "un-carrier" is becoming "un-useful". If anyone from T-Mo actually reads or pays attention to these postings you need to sit up and watch. I too will start shopping around. T-Mo just lost my trust by covertly making this change. Clearly T-Mo is no longer so "un" and is becoming just another carrier.

So sad to see the rot set in at T-Mo.

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Hey folks! We greatly appreciate the feedback! We are always looking for ways to make our services more flexible and give you the most value for your money.

The old 10 day pass was only 1GB of data over 10 days for $20 and we saw that customers were chewing through that very quickly. The new pass gives you 512 MB of data for $5 and gives the added bonus of unlimited Simple Global to Simple Global calling which the old feature did not have. For the same $20, you will now get 2GB of data and 4 days worth of unlimited calling when in a Simple Global country calling another Simple Global country.

I know that having to add the pass more frequently is not nearly as convenient as adding it once every 10/20 days but we hope that you are able to find the added value in this newer feature.

Thanks for noticing the input here. I really appreciate hearing the logic and apparent "thinking" behind this change. That said:

The feedback to you is: bring back the 10 day 2 GB international pass!

For most of us (I suspect) it was quite sufficient and it is far easier to renew that one either at the 10 day boundary or when bandwidth got low - there was a very efficient warning text message mechanism.

Your suggestion that the 512MB 1 day pass for $5 is a "better deal" of course is not the case. You need to think about the bother and cost to a T-Mo customer of doing that ridiculous day by day renewal - it swamps the $5 you are charging.

This is a seriously regressive step for T-Mo and I personally suggest you listen to our input and re-enable the 10 day pass ...

It you don't, my personal solution will be to buy a wireless hotspot that I can put a pan-European SIM card in (I travel a lot to Europe). It will solve the problem for me for about the same cost, possibly less, per month and I don't have to worry about daily renewals. Once every 10 days, I would stick with you. Once a day - well, I've better things to do with my time. You might consider the implication of that as it then causes all of us to re-evaluate T-Mo as a carrier since you seem to be behaving as a carrier and not "the un-carrier" ... perhaps you should tell John L that since he likes to say that a lot.

Continue in this path and you'll be the same as the others - AT&T, Verizon, etc.

Listen to our feedback and that proves you are not.

I would like to see a longer data plan as well.  I get that T-Mobile can and may raise prices at any time, but at least offer a weekly package at a lower rate than the daily $5.

The fact that you'd have renew every day is most inconvenient, I would think the last thing one wants to do when travelling is having to constantly renew your phone's data plan.

In addition I'd like to get clarification on the On-Demand Data pass options.  I'm on the family Simple Choice plan, my on-demand data pass options are as follows:


On-Network Data 1 Day-500 MB $5.00

Provides up to 500 MB of high-speed data for 24 hours. Smartphone Mobile HotSpot included. Additional passes can be purchased as needed once this single use pass expires.

On-Network Data 1 Week - 1 GB $10.00

Provides up to 1 GB of high-speed data for 1 week. Smartphone Mobile HotSpot included. Additional passes can be purchased as needed once this single use pass expires.

24 Hour Global Pass $5.00

Includes up to 512MB of high speed data, unlimited calling and Smartphone Mobile Hotspot for 24 hours from the time of purchase in over 210 countries and destinations globally.

Limit 2 passes in 24 hour period; start of the 2nd pass resets the 24 hour period.


So, would you please confirm that the only option for me to add high-speed international is the 24-hour global pass?  The other On-Network Data options are strictly for domestic data, correct?  The T-Mo customer service personnel weren't even sure if the two On-Network Data options cover high-speed international data.  There seems to be a lot of confusion.

The frustration is different for me. I actually like the new plan and find it beneficial, however the fact that business customers are unable to add the pass on the app (despite having master privileges), and are required to either call in or message TMO support every single day to add a new pass is a complete and utter dealbreaker. If we were able to add the passes on the T-MO app, I wouldn’t really have an issue with it, but having to deal with support (which let’s be honest, aren’t always the quickest or most knowledgeable folks when it comes to account features) every day whilst abroad is really unreasonable.

Could not agree more - I joined T-Mobile for the international options and this is a pathetic step backward.

Another function removed is the separate billing / purchase method for the pass. I could easily create a separate transaction for the $20 / 10 day pass when I travel. Now it gets added onto the monthly bill and the $20 / 10 day option is gone.

@tmo_chris - the attempt to present this as a "added value" is ridiculous  and seems counter to your (rapidly diminishing) "un-carrier" brand - data is the crucial thing when abroad, not calling, and daily activation is a major annoyance.

Since T-Mo has obviously decided to behave like other carriers and since the task of managing a daily international pass is beyond reason, I finally decided to switch carriers. Since I'm an Android user with a Pixel series phone, Project Fi was the obvious choice. Even though I'm currently on the road in Europe, I managed to do this quite quickly as Google can enable an eSIM for a Pixel phone (i.e. I now am using a cell phone with no physical SIM installed). My number ported in about 5 minutes.

Project Fi requires no management of "daily passes", or any passes for that matter. The cost of the plan is simple and the cost of data - pretty much no matter where you are in the world - is a max of $60 per month. Here in France I've speed checked the data connection at almost 60 Mbps download speed about about 20 Mbps upload speed. That is actually better than I was getting with previously available T-Mo 10 day data pass in the same location (central Paris).

Strangely, T-Mo is one of the carriers contracted to Project Fi in the US. I don't know who Project Fi partners with internationally but it seems to nail data speed on LTE. Project Fi also does not distinguish between bandwidth used by the phone and bandwidth used through a phone's hotspot functionality.

My only concern with Project Fi is the usual privacy concern with Google. That said, Google does provide a number of controls to limit how connection information is used and to prevent the collection of intrusive information. Google also provides a secure VPN when browsing on the web for additional privacy. Perhaps Google is beginning to learn some respect for privacy (though I'm not yet convinced of that). Of course, carriers (including T-Mo) have been collecting and storing data about our use, location, activities, downloads, etc. for some time without any ability for customers to control what they can retain or how that information may be used.

If there's an "un-carrier", I would say it isn't T-Mo any more and might in fact be Google. Maybe CEO John L is in for a rude surprise in the market.

To leverage an applicable quote from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: so long T-Mo, and thanks for all the fish.

cant agree more. And let me add, the current plans is not only more expensive and extremely cumbersome (2 passes at a time max? You are going to make business and leisure customer try to log in again every 1-2 days to renew ?!?) - but you DO realize that if you travel to Europe, you will be 8 or 9 hours ahead. What about Asia? Australia? When you cross the dateline?

since you can no longer determine a time when the plan starts, you at best waste hours of your 24 hour window, at worst may just be loosing it altogether.

T-mobile, get serious about reviewing this feedback from customer here, escalate, and respond.

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  Would not it be possible to add the $15/mo extra for the TM-One plus plan and then cancel the "plus" when you get back?

I have Plus. That doesn’t help when you need faster connection and it’s also beside the point on the high speed data offer. T-Mobile went from a business frienemy, travel oriented option to something that is expensive, a huge inconvenience to turn on again and again mid-travel, and completely misses the fact tsht while traveling time zones could be days ahead or behind.

Plus is great - one without plus really isnt usable for anything but occasional email - but it’s no comparison to high speed which is what att and Verizon now offer better, cheaper and more structured than T-Mobile. 😥

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  For years, TM was the only carrier offering/including any intl. roaming.  We've been able to use Google Maps in driving around most countries w. the basic "slow" data.  Did have some trouble in Croatia a couple years ago.  Most countries now have wifi virtually everywhere you might be "stationed".

Just adding my latest experience dealing w/ T-Mobile's customer service when attempting to clarify T-mobile's On-Demand International plan.

First of all, after spending a few minutes explaining the situation to the customer service rep (CS rep), inquiring about the On-Demand International plan, the CS rep had to reach out to a supervisor, and finally told me that they would add the 1-week/1GB/$10 which the rep claims is an "international high-speed" plan.  I was skeptical, but went ahead and signed up for it.

Went to Europe, even though I was getting LTE signal, I wasn't impressed with the speed at all, I think I had the "slow data".  I suspect that the T-Mo CS Rep was mistaken or uninformed about this 1-week/1GB/$10 being an international high-speed on-demand plan despite assurances.

Just adding to the chorus. I just logged in to set up my data pass as I head off to Asia and discovered that I now have to re-purchase the data plan daily. That's insane, as anyone who has ever actually traveled abroad would know. Just give me an option to pay once for the duration of my trip. I can't be logging into T-Mobile's cumbersome website every day while traveling in Asia.

Not being dramatic here but this is what will make me leave for another carrier. I don't care about the pricing but I deeply resent the inconvenience and will remedy it the easiest way I can - by switching to a carrier who has this worked out better.

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Just an FYI, just intruduced last friday is a new plan for frequent travelers which may or may not meet the need - Global Plus.  Cost is $50/mo, so it is pricey, but is always on, rather than the daily passes.  Looks like something in between daily and always would work here.

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Maybe you'll be able to turn it on when you leave and cancel the $50/mo. add-on when you get back???  

Question -  Can you tether w. this plan?

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@miket Here is what I found out:

  1. All the Features of ONE Plus
  2. Add the following while traveling in 210+ countries:

  • Unlimited high-speed data for your mobile device
  • Unlimited calling to and from your mobile device
  • Unlimited messaging to and from your mobile device
  • 5 GB of high-speed tethering.

The $50 add-on can only be enabled for an entire billing period, so minimum costs is $50 for 1 month.  You can set it up to start retroactively for the current billing period or to start during the next billing cycle.  No pro-rating of this add-on, unfortunately.

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Hmm.  I guess that means if we leave 5 days before the end of one billing period and are gone 2 weeks, we would have to pay $100.  OTH,  since you can tether, and your partner is usually near you, he/she could have their phone hooked into yours.  Since our next trip  coming up is to Mexico, I will not worry about it for now since Mexico and Canada are included in these plans.

Could you at least add the option to have the 1GB a week as well? Even if it is more expensive?

Unfortunately, I don't see the added value as phone calls or text can be replaced by Whatsapp. Which most other countries (except perhaps china) use as it as it is included in their unlimited local carriers. Even businesses have it with their phone numbers.

Same here.  I travel frequently but I am not a heavy user of data.  Having a 10 days or 2 week pass of 2Gbytes for $20 (exactly what it would cost to buy 4 single day passes for the same amount of data) would be a huge improvement.  It would eliminate the hassle of daily renewals and it would nicely match the typical duration of trip (1-2 weeks).  Daily passes are a nuisance and greatly increase the cost given typical usage patterns (at  least for me).

Late the party but wanted to chime in. This is absolutely ridiculous. $5 for 24 hours of access and the 2nd 24 hours starts as soon as the 512mb of data is used? So if I burn through the first half a gig in 3 hours, I really only get a total of 27 hours of access... And I have to re-up every 24 hours?

This is nuts. T-Mobile, bring back the original 1 week data pass. And for God's sake, its 2019. Give us an option to buy more than 1 gig. A 1 gig option, a 3 gig option, 5 gig option. Please listen to your customers!