New members get 4 lines for $140 while old members get it for $160

  • 25 November 2019
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Hey T-Mobile Users,

New T-Mobile Clients have CHEAPER plans than us. I remember in the past when old, loyal customers had grandfathered plans that were spectacular. That couldn't be helped because they were loyal. It's like the opposite now. It seems that T-Mobile has been focused on high user growth than being fair to their existing customer base who joined when their CEO, John Legere, began his Uncarrier change. I feel like the "old" are its cash cow now.

I have expressed this to customer service and I have attempted to escalate this. It looks like my attempt thus far was to have T-Mobile clarify that their promo was misleading. They have added "new customers" only to their website and fine print since this summer. I think FTC regulations require they keep copies of their ads for so many years so they should have these ads on file for review.

Bottom Line:

New customers are able to get the Magneta Plan of get 3 lines and get the 4th for free.

It comes down to $140 per month with taxes and fees included.

No mention of any credits or this promo existing after X amount of months.

I currently have the Magneta Plan of 4 lines for $160 with taxes and fees included.

it is the same plan but I am paying $20/month or $240/year more than the new customers.

T-Mobile and John Legere,

If you can afford to shave $20 off your new clients then you can offer the discount to your current customers.

I hope someone in management and customer retention reads this because T-Mobile overall does great work in the industry but this is a major slap in the face.


11 replies

Agree with you.  I'm grandfathered on an old post paid plan with four lines each with 2gb of data and I want the four lines of magenta for $140 but they won't give it to me since I'm an existing (since 2007) customer.  Seems like TMO is giving perks for non-customers and it should be the other way around.  I've been on the phone with two TMO customer service agents and they didn't offer me the four lines for $140 (I won't pay $160).  This is the nudge I needed to change.  I like TMO but I can do better than 4 lines/$160.  It's been nice knowing ya!  🙂

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It’s not T-Mobile‘s responsibility to get you the lowest price possible, that’s the responsibility of the consumer.The consumer has to purchase services and products at prices they are comfortable with.

A few years ago T-Mobile gave 3 free phone lines away to new and existing customers. Did you ignore that promotion????

I was a customer since 2009 and I got that deal....  I now have 5 lines for $100 dollars plus taxes..... I’m happy with my promotions.


”You snooze you lose”

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barcodeable wrote:

It’s not T-Mobile‘s responsibility to get you the lowest price possible, that’s the responsibility of the consumer.The consumer has to purchase services and products at prices they are comfortable with.

A few years ago T-Mobile gave 3 free phone lines away to new and existing customers. Did you ignore that promotion????

I was a customer since 2009 and I got that deal.... I now have 5 lines for $100 dollars plus taxes..... I’m happy with my promotions.


”You snooze you lose”

I have 6 lines for $120 and if my main 2 lines use less than 2GB my bill can drop $20. 

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@tidbits That’s a really good deal.... And with those free lines you had a choice of voice or data lines And an option of free phones too!!!!!! I passed on the free phones cause I didn’t have the money for the taxes..... but at least you didn’t pass on the awesome promotions T-Mobile gave out.

@captainronm as I stated previously, there were a host of promotions and deals for existing customers (Free phones and tablets, free data lines, free voice lines). many of the grandfathered plan owners are happy with what they have. I’m sorry you missed out on these deals. Some of these deals were limited time offers that were only active for a weekend or so, I do feel bad you were not able to take advantage of these deals.... but it’s not T-Mobile’s fault. Several years ago.... I think it was 2013.... T-Mobile offered the Family Stateside International Plan (included calling landlines and cellular lines from the USA to other countries) for $10 dollars that covers all of your lines on your plan .... please tell me you hopped on that deal..... There was the Unlimited Data upgrade.... I forgot it’s Plan name.....  but it gave you true 4G unlimited data (no throttling) on your voice line or tablet line for an additional $25 per line..... did you hop on that train????? I think it was called Stateside International Plus.... I could not get that particular plan.... because I would have needed to go to the T-Mobile ONE Plan and I would have lost my other promotions in the process.... but I’m happy with my choice.

The main thing, that everyone should do is.... examine your own plan.... and look at current T-Mobile offers to see if you benefit from it if you did indeed change plans. look at offers from Verizon and AT&T.... if they have an awesome deal (grab it) don’t fuss about waiting too long to capitalize on a great opportunity. When the free lines were being offered.... first there were 2 free lines..... a month later.... they did the 1 free line about a month later.... and there were NO add a line requirement.... you just got the free line and that was it. I know people are busy in their lives to not see all the promotions being offered..... but that’s how it happened. I tried to tell everyone I came in contact with about the free phone lines..... oh.... tell me you grabbed a FREE DATA FOR LIFE tablet plan??????? That was free to everyone.... you didn’t even need to be a T-Mobile customer..... AT&T and Verizon customers were able to take advantage of that offer....and you were practically able to get as many FREE 200mb lines as you wanted as long as you had an eligible tablet and available sim card.... I picked up only 1 Free Data for life Plan.... I wished I had the money to Buy more eligible tablets..... but I was broke at the time.... so I only was able to use my iPad To get 1 line.....

there are deals going on each week.... you have to do your research and find what works for you and your family. When the free lines were being offered I read on this forum many people didn’t get the lines since it’s just them and their wife...... it was me and my wife..... but when I saw 3 free lines.... I thought to myself .... it’s better to get this now.... because it won’t be available later..... <the microphone drops>

Thanks for taking the time to type all that information out!  Do you pay taxes/fees for those additional lines and for the tablet?  Did/do you have to activate those lines with a separate sim cards and separate phones?  How much did the authorized tablet cost you?  How much did the extra phones cost you (I know you probably just used an old phone laying around)?  What do you do with the extra activated phones?  That international call plan for $10 add-on, I haven't called international ever I don't think and don't plan to so I wouldn't want the additional cost for it, so no, I didn't get that "deal".  So with all the "deals" that I snoozed on, it still wouldn't have got me a plan close to the 4 lines for $140 that's being offered to new customers, see that logic?  I'm combing the offers, yes!

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I have the 55+ plan that's 2 lines of unlimited for $60 tax included and I just received an offer from Tmobile to add a

line for $30. Am I going to do it , no because I don't need to add a line but I can't complain in June if something happens and I need to add a

line to my plan and I can't because you only can have 2 lines on the 55+ plan unless it's a promo plan.

Hey there gramps28, that sounds like a great offer to add to your 55+ two-line deal.  How did you receive the offer?  I'm not yet 55 years old so I can't partake in those plans, but I've seen them and thought "wow, those are pretty good deals".  Unfortunately I need four lines and there's just about zero chance I'll need another line, ever. 

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It seems like once a year around this time they offer that deal.

If I would of done it last year and if they offered it to me this year I could theoretically

have 4 lines for $120 no tax.

How did TMO contact you with the offer?  Text, voice call, email??

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Email and text.

What's nice is that only the account holder has to be 55.

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I do pay taxes for the additional 3 free voice lines... approximately $3.25 a month each.... tablet lines taxes come to about $1.16 a month each.... but the Free Data For Life tablet line is 100% free with no taxes and no fees.... I pay nothing.... but the downside is you only get 200mb of 4G .... after it get used up all data access ends until the start of the next cycle. My other Mobile Internet lines have unlimited internet ... after the allotted data is used.... my speed gets slowed down until the next cycle. Each tablet line and phone line have its own dedicated SIM card / phone number. You are able to send and receive text on my tablet lines (depending on what plan you have and if you have a tablet that is capable of sending messages) I used an iPad for my FDFL Free Data For Life Data Plan.... and that plan does not include texting.... you can use iMessage ..... but regular texting isn’t included With FDFL.

i have an iPad mini.... i paid approximately $400 for several years ago.... i have old phones....they are T-Mobile based phones.... Samsung Note 3 and a Samsung Avant.... and iPhone 6 and some other old phones....  I use the extra lines for T-Mobile Tuesday deals primarily ....  but I have them for my kids when they are at the age to use them....

i do understand your logic.... you want a deal comparable to the 4 lines for $140 dollars being offered to new customers right now. But there are no current deals that I have seen for existing customers like what you are looking for (that ship has sailed). When the 3 free lines were being offered.... i had two small babies.... 3 and 1 years old..... I didn’t need the 3rd free line.... but I got it anyway since it was free....  I will send you a private message via this forum whenever I find a deal that may be up your alley.... and as for the international calling plan.... only 1 of our lines actively use this feature.... my wife uses it to contact her family in Europe.... but if I needed to call another country .... I could call for free or really low rates.... depending on what country I call Since all of my voice lines have the Stateside International calling.... I apologize if my previous post were too direct.... I try not to sugar coat the facts.

if you are in the Military.... or have ever been in the military (veteran) there are great plans available. After T-Mobile successfully merge with Sprint.... there will be then First Responder plan available at a special low rate. T-Mobile consistently look for ways to KEEP CUSTOMERS.... and ways to GET NEW CUSTOMERS..... you have to keep your eyes peeled for these offers.... most of the time....T-Mobile may not directly promote these deals to you. A couple of years ago....T-Mobile were giving out 25% of Papa John pizza via T-Mobile Tuesday....and I would use these coupons because it saved me money.... but later I found online there was an Exclusive T-Mobile / Papa John discount code for 50% off..... T-Mobile never advertised this code.... I found it online myself on some obscure webpage.

And sometimes.... it’s unfortunate...but many of the customer service reps have little knowledge of what T-Mobile services are.... I explained to one guy that my Mobile Internet Device can send and receive text messages domestically and internationally.... he didn’t believe me..... oh’s written on the T-Mobile site regarding this fact..... but it’s not my job to educate the employees.