New Order - Kept On Hold, 3 days after updating card.

  • 5 August 2020
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Ordered the s20 on the 3rd, my bank decided to mark it as fraud - called them, resolved and got the card unlocked.

Called 611 as instructed via the email, updated my card info - they said I was all set and it would update later that day.

Still kept on hold, august 4th (yesterday) comes and it’s still on hold, I call in and i’m told it’s still all set and will update by the end of the day.  End of the day comes, still kept on hold.

Now we’re at Today (August 5th) - it’s still kept on hold, I’ll probably call in soon but i’m worried i’m just going to be told it’s all fine again, when it appears that it’s not re-trying? 

I see a $0 auth hold on my card, but that’s it.

1 reply


Had to call in again, was getting the same feedback as the last two days so asked to speak with a supervisor.

They acknowledged it was broken on their side, and had to cancel my order entirely and re-process it and now it’s all set.

Resolved, but definitely a lot of inconvenience and frustration involved in getting this settled.