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  • 9 June 2021
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OK. I broke my phone during “combat”. That’s what I told to apple man at apple care. I am currently deployed in the American Emirates. So I contacted the assurant and they told me to contact apple care. Since all my passwords where located in my notes, I couldn’t log in to my apple account to turn my phone off. He stated that in order for my phone to get replaced I have to turn my apple account off. I made a case with apple and they said they’ll turn my account off in a month. So is it just best to pay off my broken phone and get a new one with tmobile? Or should I wait for a month to see maybe if they’ll send my phone over to the American Emirates?

1 reply

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Tmobile doesn’t ship international so you would need to send the phone to someone in the states and that person would have to ship it to you.