New Promo for iPhone 13

  • 7 January 2022
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I was told I could switch to T-Mobile from Verizon.  We have 5 lines and all the phones were paid off (2 XR, 3 11’s).  I have a signed agreement where we would get 5 new iPhone 13’s (just like the commercial said).  I currently am paying for 3 of the 5 phones.  I have called T-Mobile too many times to remember and have spent on average of about 2 hours on the phone or on hold.  The customer service rep never seems to understand what I am asking which requires me to repeat the problem several times only to be put on hold.  Then the call is strangely disconnected after I wasted 2 hours on the phone.  Nothing is resolved.  Oh, and the fabulous sales person told me I would get a SyncUp Drive at not charge that I do not want and will never use.  I am also paying something like $10 a month for the service for this device I don’t want or need.  What a scam.  I have no idea how to resolve this issue.

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