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So if I buy a phone under the NM06 deal, but instantly pay off the EIP while still standing in the T-Mobile store, will I still get the $17.71 credit to my account for each phone purchased for the next 24 months?  Also, if I do pay it off but decide to leave Tmobile, I just lose the credits I would have gotten and not the credits I had already received, correct?  I assume the reason for the 24 month thing is to try and keep you as a loyal customer so it doesn't matter whether I pay for the phone the day I get it or over the course of the 24 months.


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I just did the Bogo LG deal with bill credits and I need to keep the EIP active for 24 months

to get the credits.

That's the problem, the EIP specifically states "The EIP requires a 24-month financing agreement. Although this finance agreement is required, you can pay off all or part of your EIP balance at any time."  While I understand the answer you provided for the Bogo LG Deal, that may or may not be the case for the NM06 deal.  Having said that, I'd prefer an official T-Mobile response but do appreciate the answer provided by another community member.

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Hey @tolliver​! Great question. As @gramps28​ pointed out; different promotional EIP credits may have different requirements or behavior, so I'm glad that you asked!
In this instance, I would recommend waiting until the Promotional credits first start appearing on your bill -- this can take up to two bill cycles. Once you see them applying and your promotional enrollment is complete, the information I have says that you can pay off your EIP balance for the phone receiving the credits and the credits will move from the EIP level to the account level; where they'll continue for the full 24 month period as long as all other eligibility requirements are maintained. 😊
Where were you seeing the language you quoted above? Was it on our promo page or Military Members get 50% off a Samsung Galaxy document? Since it's a little unclear, I'm happy to forward the feedback that we could add some more specific language!

Thank You @Marissa...  I quoted the EIP documentation posted to Equipment Installment Plan (EIP)​.  And it would nice if there was specific official clarification for things like this spelled out somewhere either in the deal or the EIP.  When talking with an in-store T-mobile employee yesterday, he said that a couple of years ago, that's what used to happen with the various equipment purchase deals (In fact, we was still getting a credit on something he purchased that he no longer even owns).  You get the device under the EIP, pay it off and the credits continue until you cancel or all credits have been provided but he stated that changed at some point and what @gramps28 stated was the new norm.  I also had a T-mobile Chat employee (a Daniel) also state that.  Which, I gotta say, seems a little nonsensical to me.  Whether I pay off the remaining EIP balance at month 2 (which is the full price of the phone minus the deposit and a single installment payment) or continue to pay until I get to month 24, why would that have any affect on whether or not I continue to get the credit.  I could see cancelling service at Month 12 and losing Months 13 thru 24's credits so instead of getting the phone for $425, I would have only gotten it for $600 or so at that point which hurts me more than T-mobile.

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To be totally candid; the details behind the business decision (math, I'm assuming! haha) to make one promo behave one way while another acts in another manner aren't something I'm privy to in this case, but I do see your point!

@gramps28​ -- do you want me to double check your promo to make sure you need to keep that EIP open? I'm happy to do so if you don't mind letting me know when you purchased so I can figure out which quarter's LG promo it was! 😊

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Sure it can't hurt but having the 55+ plan is a big plus .


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Hey, @gramps28​! Sorry for the delay, but I wanted to check back in with you. I looked at the Q1 LG Superphone BOGO offer details on our side, and it says that this promotion follows standard handling for EIP promotional credits. That standard handling means this!

  • If customers pay off their EIP early, they continue to receive the promised Promotional EIP bill credits as an account level credit through the remaining months of the promotional credit period (up to 24 months), provided other eligibility requirements as applicable are maintained.

So, hooray! If you want to pay off one of those EIPs, you should be fine -- the credit will just move from the EIP level to the account level. 😊