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  • 24 January 2019
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I have no access to prepaid MBB at me or

I keep a balance on account, and needed to purchase a data pass, as I am traveling. I used the message us to contact TMobile, and rep advised me to call the prepaid line for assistance? Rep offered to add data pass manually for me.  I asked when this would be fixed, as has not worked for quite some time. He advised me engineer is aware of problem and are working on it.  I asked if I will have to do each time I want to add a data pass . Rep would not answer me directly, but gave me a support link as for my options.  Link on TMobile support " website not working " is from 2016 ! Does that means there is no ETA on this fix?

For those who have a prepaid MBB only account ( tablet ) how does one access and purchase a data pass, or check data usage?

What are you thoughts / input on this issue?


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We're sorry...

We are not able to complete your request at this time. It could be just a minor glitch, so please go back and/or refresh this screen to try again.

If the problem persists, please give us a call at 1-800-937-8997 and we'll get you where you need to go.

When you call, please reference

Thanks for your patience,

T-Mobile Customer Service

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Is this error only showing up when you're trying to add a pass? Sorry to hear you're running into roadblocks but I know our engineers are working to get these errors to go away. If it continues to give you fits, we do suggest you contact our care folks to have changes made for you. I understand that's not ideal, but that'll be the best option until this is resolved.

https;// has been taken off line..

How does one manage prepaid T Mobile MIM ?

Please see this is an ongoing issue.

Please advise


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Hmm, I'm seeing the open ticket for this is not closed and engineers got it working. Can you clear our your browser history and cookies then try again? If it still gives you fits, Community-2153​ and let one of our Care folks file a Trouble Ticket for you.


I contacted Tmobile support as per your insructions.

Please see : issues were fixed ( Jan 2019 ), but an update / change to the website it's broken again.

Contact to support lead to the following : call in - after a 30 minute wait on hold , they had no idea what mobile prepaid broadband was or how to access ir. Tried chat same results clear your browser cookies.

For me tested on three different devices / separate plans

I can NOT access either or from inside of the T-Mobile network.

From outside T-Mobile (wifi) - times out, server took too long to respond. redirects / opens

I enter my email and password and redirects to ( which is rain activation page)?

Account shows, but when I try to select a data pass, the are NO choices all fields are empty.

I am asking for you help, if you have a tablet or hotspot on MIM prepaid. Please try to access account management, and post your results.

T-Mobile support finds no problem.


I've been experiencing the same problem for the past week or so. Mim.T'mobile seems to be completely offline. There have been glitches on this site for months, including lengthy periods of not being able to access my account info, but at least the site was there! Where am I supposed to go to buy new data passes now, and why can't T-Mobile keep their instructions up to date? I just visited a T-mobile site with step-by-step instructions for purchasing a data pass. It eventually tried to hook me up with mim.T-Mobile, which turned out to be offline...

Having much the same problem, and have been for around a week. It could have been going on for longer, but that's when I first noticed it. gives me a 404 error. redirects me to, from which I can access the management page for my device, but selecting data passes has the same result as mentioned - no choices available. There is a "change plan" button, but no "add data" button, as described in the How to use Connect Me page.

The account page lists my current plan as "simple plan", running from the current date, to a year after the last data I purchased expired. I last purchased data in February of 2019, and it say the plan expires in February of 2020. It lists all my previous purchases, as well as my account and payment details, but says I have 0 MB remaining out of 0 MB on this "Simple Plan" that has another 324 days. I have no idea what any of this means, or if it will be helpful in solving the issue, but here's to hoping.

Beyond these details, hitting the "Change Plan" button redirects me to a page that says "Currently not enrolled in a plan!" under "Current Plan" and lists no options available under "Data Plans". Clicking "Check Out More Plans" redirects me to a similar page, with no options under either "Monthly Plans" or "Data Plans".

I haven't contacted Customer Care, but (and I'm not sure if this has any bearing on the issue, but it does strike me as odd) clicking the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the account page turns up the heading "Contact Us" over a blank popup, with no contact information or links.

Edit: I have also been unable to access any of the aforementioned pages from within the T-Mobile network. All I get is a connection timeout.

I hope this helps. And hope the issue gets resolved soon.

Update to MIM / account access issue :

Access to the MIB via MIM, and the use of prepaid PINS / account balance to pay for service has in efect been rendered inoperatable ( at least for me ).

Supporting data :

As of today - there still is no conectivity / access to MIB account from tablet itself. This may be device / account specific.

I went to the public libary to use the internet ( outside of Tmobile network) and was able to access my account.

The following issues still remain as from 17 Mar 2019 ( a software update was put in place by Tmobile )

1) No access to account as to mange and or purchase a data pass from the device itself.

2) Account shows no data passes as to purchase, all field selections are empty. Screenshots were captured.

3) This account and another owned by me, carry a balance as confirmed at (link: I can NOT use the active balance as to purchase an " on demand " data pass, system is requesting that I bill to a credit card and will not deduct from advaiilable balance. This renders the " prepaid " system with refill pins useless.

As per T mobile support staff in forum, a " ticket " was opened to resolve, but still no fix. Please see date on this - Jan 2019, no ETA,

Added info - # 3 as above :

I added a CC to my account, as to see if I could purchase a data pass - result - sysytem asked me to confirm my account PIN ( for my security ) It requested a 6-15 digit PIN than was was emailed to me when I opened the account. Info - I opened the account with a four ( 4 ) digit PIN code ( I reviewed / verified that email ) Result - could not complete transaction in valid PIN.

Added iinfo - There is currently NO page / place to add a T Mobile prepaid refill PIN that I could locate / find.

Thank you for your prompt attenion to this issue, ans please feel free to contact me direct - for any info / screenshots captured.

Thanks for the update.  If you ever get this fixed can you let us all know?  I haven't been able to do this for a few months either.  the system seems to be getting worse not better too.

Hello. Update as requested:

Website is broken / non functional.

When you do gain access to your prepaid MI account, you can NOT purchase a data pass as the system is requesting an 6-15 digit pin. Please see you signed up with a 4 digit pin. There is no page / access to add a prepaid pin.

How ever ......

I was successful in purchasing a 30 day recurring data pass this morning, but NOT by using the MIM website.

YMMV ..... And usual cautions as system requested me to add a CC and advised me it would charge this CC for auto renew.

Info follows :

I had a $ 10 balance on account, as well as CC on file.

I called the TM refill line @ 1.877.720.5195 Note i tried fron a TM phone, but system tried to refill that line. Used another phone ( non TM). I entered the MI phone number. System confirmed i had a $ 10 balance and could use to purchase a data pass, but still asked me to enter my CC # zip code of billing and phone # of billing. I followed prompts and selected recurring data pass. 

Success - But NO confirmation e-mail was received, but a SMS did arrive.

Notes : You should NOT have go through this to add data to to device.

Website updated as to show a active data pass, but did not update CC info.

Under data passes is now empty, this may be the issue on my other device which has FDFL - only one pass can be active at a time.

Hope this helps out all affected by MIM website updates.

Please update with information.

Its taken a bit of leg work,  but what T-Mobile support has told me is that I have a Legacy account that needs to be transitioned to a "new" account to support monthly data passes. 

In order to do this, you need a CC number on file for the new account, and I suppose that when you log on with the new account, the field for the six digit pin will allow you to enter a new pin that works with the new account.

I was originally told I needed a new SIM, however they seem able to use a virtual SIM to transfer my new SIM to the new account (and back again!) so maybe they can do that with an older SIM too.

So, in order to transition to a "new" account, you need:

1)  A new SIM

2)  An email address that isn't the one on the legacy account.

3)  A credit card that you can put on the account.  This is true even if you don't plan on buying Monthly data passes.

You'll also need to supply an address.

I wasn't able to call the Prepaid Help Line because of hearing issues.  The standard help line can't access certain parts of T-Mobile's prepaid system.  So, I was using a TTY (telephone device for the hearing impaired).  After three months of trying, some one finally told me that you can communicate with T-mobile help via twitter.  That's been working pretty well, except that I keep learning about this or that new requirement, and then it's another week to get back to them.  All told, I've not been able to access the monthly passes since Xmas 2018.  Every time I get in touch with T-mobile for help (via twitter, TTY or chat

) its a 2 hour session of waiting on whatever the technician on the other end is up to.

Hope this helps and sorry about the complaints at the end.



Thanks for the update, and keeping up in the loop .

Much as I asked TM T Force via Twitter, but did not receive an answer - it appears the TM has discontinued the prepaid mobile internet - and did not communicate this with existing customers .

This was done ( caused ) either by a update to the system that runs TM prepaid or a change in plans offered.

Either way - the lack of transparency, on behalf of TM to leave existing customers without access to their accounts ( and account balances ) is something I'm having hard time to comprehend.

Let's us know how this works out.

I don't get the idea that they've done that (discontinued prepaid mobile internet).  What they appear to have done is create a system where you can't have an account without a credit card on it, even if you pay for your service with PINs.  I didn't have one I could use when it first came up, and when I asked if I could set up the account and not get monthly data passes, and then add my CC number later (this is how it worked last year), the tech said that you have to have a CC even for a zero dollar account:

Quote from the tech:

I apologize, I totally overlooked you had a balance left on the prepaid legacy account. This balance is not transferable and we wouldn't want you to lose out on this money that you already put towards that account. We also cannot activate an entirely new prepaid account without card details even on a $0 plan. 😥

What I'm not seeing is how to add a PIN (that is, add money) to my account.  There doesn't seem to be a way to do that on the account management page.  I have been able to do it over chat support though.  I'm sure that they'd like me to use the android or IOS tmobile app, but you can't do that if you have a data device (like a hot spot).  To get the app to run, you have to have an active tmobile SIM in your android device, rather than just being able to sign in like you can on the web site (which like I said, doesn't have the Add Money option any more).
Good luck,

Ah,  One more thing:  I can't figure out how you are supposed to use your existing funds on your account rather than the credit card.  One of the techs mentioned that it would just work automatically for the monthly data passes, but if you wanted to get a data pass (like one week non renewing one) there doesn't seem to be an option to pay out of your account.  I don't know if it just pulls from your account first if there is money in it in that case, but it used to be explicit about it.  Maybe if you get past the page requesting the six digit pin, it'll make more sense.

Lune (again).

I was able to use up a $10 balance, I had on my account - please see post above dated 10Apr19 .

I did it via the VRS It asked me to add a CC, but did not update it on the account . I purchased a 2gb 30 day pass and it used the balance on account. At the end of 30 days ( this weekend ) account went back to zero - no data passes as to select / add .

YMMV as this was a month ago .

Good luck

Excuse me for being ignorant of your abbreviated lingo, but what does VRS, YMMV, and MBB mean? I'm having this same trouble, and really need a solution, BUT WHAT DOES "VRS" MEAN? I can't stand when people speak in gibberish secret code.

my recent experience with the prepaid hotspot device/account.
My device number and sim were generated several years ago.  with TM moving to their new "Rebellion" system, they have apparently neglected to migrate these numbers to Rebelion.  New amount of gymnastics will apparently fix this.

I got tired of the interactions everyone on this chat has experienced.  So right before the expiry of my 30day, self-renewing prepaid service, I walked into a tmobile store, explained that my device sim/phone number were "old" system and asked for a new sim/phone number.  they had to charge me $10 for the sim but then gave my new account a $10 credit to be used in the future auto-renewals.

With this new sim now on the Rebellion system, creating a new login account on that's connected to my new sim/new device phone number, the site suddenly comes to life with all the features that were maddeningly missing from my login for the non-rebellion sim/number.

Although someone from the CEO's office once explained that TM had every intention of seamlessly (to us the customers) migrating the old numbers to Rebellion, I don't plan to grow much older waiting for this.  I recommend swapping the device's sim with a new one that's assigned to the correct system from the outset.

Make sure you reject any attempt to charge you for the sim (without an offsetting credit to the new account.) 

Customers should not be paying TM for the service of retiring the old numbers.. maybe TM should be paying us, but I know it won't.

my 2c n how to improve life a little bit.