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I’ve a prepaid  sim  card  (legacy pay as you go) I am in HK but recently there is no reception when using the SIM card here. I’ve been using to receive verification code in HK all this years & no problem before.  My plan is still active. I am not sure if this is because the big SIM card has defect or something wrong with my old mobile phone. Since this is the big SIM card , I do not have a mobile that can insert the big SIM card to try it out. I tried to authorise my cousin to change a small  SIM card on  my behalf with  my authorisation letter but T-Mobile staff in the shop not allow a 3 rd party to do so.Pls advice if I should ask someone to cut the SIM card to a small sim to give a try. Thx. 

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I read someplace that prepaid roaming no longer works.


Oh really. C if I can clarify. Thx for yr repose.