No Visual Notification on VISUAL VOICEMAIL

  • 3 February 2018
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I need a visual indicator on the T-Mobile Visual voicemail app that I have a voice message waiting for me.  Currently, I have an extremely small icon in the upper left hand side; or I have to click on the Visual Voicemail icon to know if I have any messages.  How can I get a Dot or a number telling me how many messages are waiting for me?  Otherwise, I will miss a lot of voice messages.  Please help.


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As a point of clarification, I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 with T-Mobile, using Version 7.0 Android Operating System.

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Notification badges numbers or dots are displayed whenever the system UI allows. Most stock Android operating system versions user interfaces display one or the other but Samsung's TouchWiz may be different.

Thanks for your answer.  However, I have notification symbols on all of the icons on my phone except for the TMobile Visual Voice application.  I have tried to look at all kinds of settings and online and can't seem to find how this can work.  Does anyone have a recommendation for a better visual voicemail application?  I tried Phone Fusion Voicemail Plus; and it took a day before I would get notifications of a pending voicemail.  Why is this so hard?  It was a snap when I had my iPhone.

I too have the problem.  My phone (an old S4) has had Visual VM since I bought it and always had a number indicator that showed on the app.  About a month ago it disappeared.  I have  not figured a way to activate it again.

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Check to make sure that the app notifications are set to show, not block, or be silent in the Notifications settings in Main settings.

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That's because iphone use apples voicemail servers, not tmobiles.

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Hey folks! I have to say I'm a little at a loss here -- I've never gotten an indicator on my actual VVM app that I can recall, always just notifications at the top of my home screen or in the drop down. 😕 It sounds like you're checking all of the menu settings that would be appropriate, but to be honest I'm not sure if there was a VVM update or if this is an OS compatibility issue. @magenta4032773​, since you​ mentioned that an indicator was there and is now gone, and you're using an older device that isn't likely receiving updates itself, I'd say that if you've checked settings and still aren't seeing an indicator that it's likely an update to the app itself. Were you able to get anything going by checking the settings that @snn555​ mentioned?

All of my notifications are turned on; Still no notification when I get a voicemail.

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Thanks for confirming that, @schusterjl​! On the device you're using now -- I know you mentioned an iPhone previously -- were you ever seeing them as an indicator on the app icon ?

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You COULD use Nova Launcher Prime with the Tesla Unread add in.  But....that's a big change for a badge .or you might find an unread notification app in the play store .

On my iPhone, I was using Apple's native Visual Voicemail Application.... not the T-Mobile application.  I guess I was expecting similar performance.

Seems like a lot to go through. Every other app on my phone works well with the appropriate notifications.

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My LGs only have the status bar icon. No badges.

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isn't there a widget you can put on the homescreen that puts a badge on it?  Been a while since I had it installed but I could have sworn there is one.

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I just tried that and from the best that I can tell using a widget only displays the icon of the app with "Visual Voicemail" and tapping opens from bottom right to top left. Placing just the app icon there displays "Visual Vo" and opens the app from center screen. But I saw no badge when I tested .However I am using Nova Launcher Prime with a G6 icons with high contrast black and orange theme.  But that said no other app has a badge because I I don't have Tesla Unread set up. I use the status bar icons .

After having the same issue, the best you are going to get is an indicator in the top left corner of your screen. to do this, go to settings>notifications>visual voicemail>on.  the icon will not produce an Apple-like notification on the icon itself, at least, not at this time. 

I had the same problem.  The following worked, which I got from the T-Mobile Visual Voicemail page:

On most Android devices you can add the Visual Voicemail widget by long pressing on any free space on your home screen, selecting 'Add Widgets', and choosing the Visual Voicemail widget from the alphabetical list.

I also had this problem for a long time, very frustrating. If you need notifications for anything on a phone, it's for missed calls and new voicemails! This should be standard on the phone, but I found that adding the visual voicemail widget (as described by turbokitty above) gave the notification functionality. Still haven't figured out missed call notifications ...

Three years later and this is still an issue for the T-Mobile Visual. Voicemail.  I do no receive a notification when I have voicemail mesage.  The badge icon never displays.  Notification settings are set. The only time it works is when i go into settings, unselect and reselect ..then it works when i test it.  After that, THE NOTIFICATION/BADGE NEVER SHOWS I HAVE A MESSAGE.  


T-MOBILE…FIX THIS ISSUE!!  I have the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE  5G.  Sprint network…didnt have this issue!!!!