no voicemail access via T-Mobile customer/web-portal

  • 11 December 2018
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The Internet-connected voicemail server (named "" ) behind T-Mobile's customer/web-portal (My T-Mobile) disappeared last week and has yet to reappear. Both URLs for the server on the My T-Mobile account-management pages remain unchanged/updated

(​ )

and thus a "page not found" (HTTP 404) error results when attempting to check/manage voicemail via T-Mobile's customer/web-portal.

T-Mobile has to date provided no estimate for a return to service, and - adding insult to injury - T-Mobile is continuing to deduct minutes from its "Pay as you Go" customers when those customers use their T-Mobile cell-service to check/manage voicemail while waiting for T-Mobile to fix access to voicemail via T-Mobile's customer/web-portal.

T-Mobile is thus profiting from its own error at the expense of its "Pay as you Go" customers.


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22 replies

Yes, it's been doing that for awhile.  I replaced a landline with the $3 a month 30-minute account.  When I had a landline I barely had any more than 17 minutes of calls a month and most went to NoMoRobo which I also have on the T-Mobile replacement so it is a worthwhile account.  But there was a scam caller that called 11 times that I wanted to use the web site to delete all their calls (same phone number) but couldn't do so and it ate 11 of my minutes.

Welcome to Verizon

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Hi, @magenta3143263​!

Surprisingly enough, this is the first I'm hearing this issue even though plenty use this feature. While I can see that you're not the only one having the issue (from other replies on this thread), we don't have any known system issues listed from users reporting this.  Have you talked to our Care team about this yet? If not, we need to get a ticket filed with our web team to get this fixed. This can be done by dialing 611 or you can work with T-Force via Facebook / Twitter.

Greetings, Amanda of T-Mobile Support;

Thank you for investinging the problem and responding.

In answer to your question; Yes. Late last week I contacted T-Mobile by voice (by dialing 611) to discuss the problem and was informed by the T-Mobile staff member who took my call:

    1. T-Mobile was aware of the problem, and

    2. T-Mobile could not estimate the date upon which T-Mobile customer's could again access their voicemail via T-Mobile's customer/web-portal.

Given the call noted above it appears there is a disconnect between the T-Mobile Care team, Technical/Web Services team, and Support Community team.

How does T-Mobile advise I proceed since I have already reported the problem to T-Mobile via both this channel and 611?

I am experiencing the same 404 - page not found.

Pay As You Go here as well.

This has been going on for weeks.  I go to, log on, click on voicemail and

So I go back and try clicking voicemail support and

Same issue here.  Both T-Mobile website VoiceMail locations are trying to use the link:

T-Mobile opened a trouble-ticket to begin addressing the problem at ~2045 EST today.

For T-Mobile customers like myself who are experiencing the problem, and for T-Mobile Support/Community staff wanting to determine the progress of work under the trouble-ticket; The ticket number is 21858123

Per T-Mobile technician "Mr. Raven" who kindly opened the trouble-ticket; This thread is referenced (as support message thread 669152) in the trouble-ticket, which hopefully will facilitate problem resolution.

If a T-Mobile engineer contacts me regarding ticket 21858123 I will mention go4fishing's note below regarding T-Mobile's "VoiceMail Support" URL referencing a non-existent T-Mobile support webpage (DOC-1715 rather than DOC-4180) on

The very same issue here with a 404 when trying to access my voicemail.

T-Mobile needs to get on the ball here!

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I have the same plan that you have. I have aStylo 3 Plus. If I don't recognize the number I don't answer. If I get a call and it's from one of my contacts I will answer. To save my minutes I don't have voice mail. I actually use my phone more as a jukebox (2200+ mp3s).

Another Pay-As-You-Go plan user here, and I've been having the same problems with accessing my voicemail online for about a month.

Same thing here. But I am roaming now -- so I think I am getting really gouged. Please T-Mobile Fix this! Why is the webportal not working to check voice-mails?

I contacted T-Mobile (via online "chat") to request the status of trouble-ticket 21858123 which was opened 2018-12-16 to address the website-based access to T-Mobile voicemail extended (weeks-long) service outage. The T-Mobile chat rep was disappointingly unable to provide a status update (e.g. "in queue", "in progress", "closed") since neither the chat rep or his T-Mobile colleagues were able to find any record of trouble-ticket 21858123.

Nothing to add save to echo the - at this point clearly deserved - "Welcome to Verizon" sympathy expressed by magenta7081822


A month later, and still nothing.

Feb 12, 2019 and it doesn't work for me.  FWIW, I'm a Pay-As-You-Go account too.

Voicemail access from the web not working today, and hasn't for quite a while.  Always the same error, unable to resolve the address for  Having to burn minutes to delete voicemails from robocallers.  Also a pay-as-you-go customer.

By breaking web-based access to voicemail for its pay-as-you-go customers, and then feigning ignorance when challenged by those customers regarding the lost service (by issuing mutually-exclusive pronouncements the problem is [1] news to them, [2] known and being worked, [3] unknown but a service ticket is purportedly opened) which T-Mobile has greatly exceeded adequate time to fix, T-Mobile's foot-dragging strongly appears to be planned incompetence for the purpose of generating undue revenue.

If T-Mobile's intent was not nefarious then it is reasonable to believe (and it thus expected) T-Mobile would - until the lost web-based access to voicemail service is restored - [1] cease debiting those minutes/calls from pay-as-you-go customers who are simply checking their T-Mobile voicemail over the only option T-Mobile provides those customers (i.e. T-Mobile's cellular network), and/or [2] allow T-Mobile's pay-as-you-go customers to forward incoming calls to other (including non T-Mobile) phone numbers. Neither of these two options however allow T-Mobile to profit from its pay-as-you-go customers suffering from the combined insult of illegal telemarketing and a conveniently (for T-Mobile) disabled service. T-Mobile explicitly denied multiple requests for these interim changes to how T-Mobile's pay-as-you-go plan is implemented.

The longer T-Mobile's pay-as-you-go customers remain with T-Mobile believing T-Mobile is sincerely working toward solving its self-created problem, the more money T-Mobile will receive from those customers as they otherwise unnecessarily burn their 30 minutes/calls deleting garbage messages left by telemarketers.

Since T-Mobile's pay-as-you-go plan includes minimal cell-network access the plan serves as barely more than a low-cost option for parking a phone number. For those T-Mobile pay-as-you-go customers who have a second (non T-Mobile) phone provider, options such as Google Voice - with its good voicemail features - are becoming a more attractive alternative to T-Mobile's pay-as-you-go plan for those customers' necessary but infrequently used phone numbers.

New behavior now.  After selecting the voicemail link from the account page I am redirected to a sign-in page with two-factor authentication for T-Mobile DIGITS .  Responding with the texted access code takes me to a page asking me to register my phone# with DIGITS.  Selecting the Register link returns an error "There was an error contacting the server.  Please try again later."  Same result with different browsers and with the downloaded DIGITS Windows client.

T-Mobile, what's it going to take to get this working again?

The T-Mobile "DIGITS app & web client" support webpage ( T-Mobile DIGITS app & web client  ) explicitly notes Pay-As-You-Go plan subscribers are excluded from the app and web client services.

T-Mobile may continue to exclude Pay-As-You-Go plan subscribers from other T-Mobile DIGITS ( Does DIGITS work on the pay as you go plan?​ ) related services.

The update clogba noted regarding T-Mobile's Voicemail URL (now redirecting to a DIGiTS login webpage) reinforces my assertion T-Mobile's intention with respect to its Pay-As-You-Go plan subscribers is to string those customers along by feigning incompetence rather than simply being honest and informing those customers Voicemail access thru T-Mobile's web/customer-portal was intentionally terminated.

Prepaid user here, experiencing the exact same issues (now with non-functioning DIGITS goodness).

Like others have stated, this issue of not being able to access voicemail via the web portal has existed for far, far too long.  My guess is that someone in their software department was charged with fixing the problem and they just put a bandaid on it by redirecting the voicemail link to the DIGITS functionality.  Also, since DIGITS is explicitly NOT enabled for prepaid accounts, there was no real effort to actually fix or correct the issue or restore the functionality.

Ultimately this points to one of two causes: 1. TMo is just trying to force prepaid customers to burn minutes on voicemail, or 2. Their software development team is totally incompetent.  I'm not sure which it is because when I signed up it took a full week to get my phone properly activated - customer support had given up until a supervisor was told to check the "rebellion" system for prepaid accounts.  It's a shame to have such terrible customer support, I love the voice/call quality, and I get great signal coverage.  Come on T-Mobile, you can do better than this!

Yep. A half year later, and still "an issue".