Not able to backup sent text messages

Have a T-mobile LG V30. Have been using multi-line and Digits. Am getting ready to leave my current employ and have been trying to backup my personal text messages. Can't find a method that will backup my sent messages.


I should have been all over this back when the phone would switch lines while trying to use a Digits line to text, the phone would switch to using my simm number in the middle of a text conversation.


Any help? I'm not expecting a solution, but I thought I would try. T-mobile store manager doesn't have a solution. Nor does T-mobile 611.

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If you have a Samsung phone you can use their Smart Switch to do it.  I used it to move from an older LG G9 optimus to a galaxy s8 active.  You just have to download their smart switch app to the v30 and then run it on both phones.

What if I don't have a Samsung phone?

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SMS Back-Up and Restore from the Play Store will work on just about any Android phone.  You can set it to back-up locally, to GMail, and other places.  Restoring is just as easy.  It also does automatic back-ups and the free version still allows you to disable ads. 

I've tried it and it doesn't save sent messages as I said originally. Thanks.

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Have you tried SMS Backup+?

I use to use it and it backed everything up to your gmail account but you have to check off you want sent

text backed up.

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It does save sent messages.  I just loaded a back-up from another phone.  All sent and received messages were restored.  What text app are you using?

This is a situation where the various backup programs don't recognise the sent messages as they have been intermingled with DIGITS and are now in a format that they can't read.

But thanks for the input.

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Unfortunately due to the nature of how DIGITS functions, I'm not sure there's going to be a way, and certainly not a formal path. 😥


I’ve been doing quite a bit of research on this matter and it’s now become apparent to me that there is no way to backup RCS or (Advanced Communication) text messages on my T-Mobile branded LG V30. It appears that the only way to back up these messages is by having a Samsung device.

Very frustrating!

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Ok, I have NO knowledge about DIGITS; however, has anyone tried "Backup and Restore"? You can use it to backup your contacts, sms & call logs as well as apps.

Thanks but it doesn't backup RCS messages.


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Here's another thread about backing up RCS messages but the solution was buying an

app at the play store.

You can also check to see if LG has a program like Samsung to back up your phone that may save your messages.

Advanced messaging backup

Thanks but LG doesn’t have a program like Samsung. I’ve also purchased two apps at playstore neither of which are working.