Not received refund for Tmobile iPhone X after returning

  • 26 January 2018
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I have not received a refund back from tmobile for the phone that I have returned on Nov 15th 2017, I called Tmobile many times and I see there is a big gap between sales and services, no one has an idea of how much I paid what is the refund I am expecting and whats going on. My recommendation is never to purchase a phone from Tmobile it's just from experience. Does anyone know or can help on how to get my refund back.


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25 replies

I think i will go for BBB and Consumer Protection

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Hey, @magenta3952437​. I'm so sorry that we didn't notice your post sooner, and that we're not welcoming you to our Community for a better reason. A return typically takes around 30 days to process in full, so this is definitely outside of that timeline and I totally understand your frustration. It sounds like the device you were returning was a new purchase, and I that you've put out quite a bit of effort reaching out to get to the bottom of this! I'm sorry that the new phone didn't work out for you, but I assure you that we want you to get your money back.

I know you've contacted our team over the phone and I'm sorry that it hasn't gone better. 😥 If reaching out online is the best option for you, our T-Force team can help get this squared away for you! If we haven't already, we'll want to file a Handset Research form with the tracking information for the item you returned to us to confirm that it's in the warehouse -- that's the first step to the refund process. If this has already been completed, but you're still waiting for the refund, T-Force can get you squared away there, too! If you contact us through Facebook or Twitter, we'll be able to securely verify your account details and go from there. I'm sorry this has been such a long process -- I hope you'll give us the opportunity to fix it!

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Hey just curious if you have tried reaching out to the T-force team on social media. They are pretty solid and it gives you a way to record all conversations.

hi no not yet, I will reach out to T-force team and will see how it goes.

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Hey hey! I know it's only been a few days, but I wanted to check in and see if you'd had a chance to get in touch with T-Force yet. How are things going for you? Any progress with this return?

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Hey there!

We were just checking in again on any progress. 😊


called again Tmobile, and customer service promised me that they will resolve in 3 days, and I am not getting any call from them. Do you guys work for tmobile, if yes why there is so much delay and why the system is so bad in resolving the issue.

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I do not work for T-mobile but your going to have to keep working with the T-mobile care team as no one here will be able to process the refund for you. Just try to keep a file of all the info including proof of return through UPs or whoever and etc.

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3 days is a standard for research or escalations (I do work for T-Mobile!), so the timeline makes sense.

I know you had mentioned possibly reaching out to T-Force, you had mentioned calling, but did you get a chance to reach out to T-Force via social media at all? They are great for record keeping purposes and data trail which can be especially helpful when running down rebates and other situations like this!


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Hi there!

Lauren mentioned contacting our T-Force team through our social media channels. Have you had the chance to give them a shot? You can reach them through Facebook or Twitter links on our Community-2153​ page or the links in my badge.

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Hey there! Sorry if we're spamming you -- we just want to make sure you're doing OK! Did you have a chance to get in touch with the T-Force folks? How are things going for you?

hi I received an email from Tmobile missing payments and asked me to upload all the documents 2 days back and I have sent them all the documents and details and waiting for response from them. Thank you for following up on this, will update you once I hear back from Tmobile missing payments

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Hey, @magenta3952437!

Thanks for keeping us looped in. We look forward to hearing back from you hopefully with some good news!

I will be happy to help!

Let's take a look at your account history!

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realrobertcastro I don't recognize you from the forums and your not listed as a employee when clicking on your account nor would you have the ability to look at account level details as far as I am aware. Please correct me, or someone correct me if I am wrong.

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I apologize, @magenta3952437​, @dragon1562​, and all -- @realrobertcastro​ is not a Community Manager, nor at this point have we verified that this user is an employee. Our @​, I've sent you a private message -- please take a look at your inbox when you have a moment. Thank you.

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Thank you Marissa. I figured as much as the behavior was to fishy. Keep up the great work in the community.

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Whoa! Well, that made my Monday morning! 😊
Truly, it's the other way around -- you guys are the ones doing great work in the Community. I can't say enough how appreciated it is!

Thanks to all, I received the refund from Tmobile, appreciate all your help, the issue got resolved after sending the documents to missing payments department.

Hi, how do I know it is complete yet? I did work with a customer service person about a week ago.


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Hi, Judy! Are you another member on the original poster's account here? I didn't see a previous question from you on this thread but we're happy to answer your question if you can let us know a little bit more about what you're checking up on!

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This is an awesome update to read, @magenta3952437​! I'm so sorry that you had to take the extra step of working with the Missing Payments team; but very relieved that you've been reunited with your $$$! Thanks for coming back to let us know, and please don't be a stranger to our Community! 😊

OMG _ THIS!!  I am in the same boat!  I've been here since December, I returned my phone in November.  What is up T-mobile?  You LIE!!

I'm never buying a phone through T-Mobile again.  Ridiculous.    I am having the same experience.  FRAUDULENT BUSINESS PRACTICES!!

SO it looks like it took over 3 months for this poor user to receive their refund?  Why is that an "awesome" update to read?  That is HORRIBLE!!