Not Receiving calls and delayed text messages

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Same issue here.  There are times when my wife calls me but i dont receive the call.  She would then tell me she had called me several times but my phone does not show missed calls from her. this happens also when i call her. we both have tmobile service.  other times i would get a voicemail notification although my phone hasnt ring.  the above issue occurs when my phone is in service with full bar reception. 

More problems this afternoon. Couldn't find my phone tho I knew it was somewhere in the house. Used my wife's phone to call it, but it would not ring. Went to voicemail.  Eventually found it otherwise. The phone did not show any of the 3 calls that went to voicemail.

Disappointing news about Consumer Cellular: they used to run only on ATT's network. Now they use TMO too, so switching would not guarantee an escape from the TMO network problem

Will try the FCC.

No improvement here and it can have bad consequences. Friday was sitting in my chair and got a call from a lawyer I help out. She complained of trying to call several times previously. Clients were sitting in her office to sign paperwork I had prepared and a question came up.

Looked at my voicemail and sure enough, there were two voicemails from within the previous hour. After we spoke, I called her back a couple of times to make sure there weren't any more missed calls.

Seriously need to look into another carrier. Consumer Cellular runs on the ATT network and gets good ratings from Consumer Reports.

Agreed. Support has been attentive, but they are out of ideas. The problem has been reported in all brands of phones, even an iPhone recently.

They wanted me to swap sims with my old Windows phone that I barely use and so haven't experienced the problem, but it would have been a real pain, esp. Since my daily driver Honor 6x is much faster than my old flagship Lumia 950. The Honor's camera ain't very good, but it is speedy.

Anyways, have thought from early on it was a network issue. Since it's intermittent, it's probably hard ot diagnose.5% discount making it even cheaper than our old grandfathered in family plan. Hate to leave as support has been good on TMO, but a phone that's not reliable isn't worth much.

do not let TMO mess with your phone it will be a complete waste of time. this is a network issue happening everywhere and until they realize this it will continue.

Same issue here but already for about a year. Callers get directly into VM. If they leave a message it mostly shows within a few minutes but no missed call displayed. Contacted tech support a couple of times and was recommended to do a factory reset and to get a newer phone if this does not work. I am using a Galaxy S5 which I am replacing with an S9 due to these issues. Talked last week to a colleague of mine who is using a 2 year old iPhone and he has the same issues. So the problem does not seem to be related to certain phone models or only older phones.

FWIW. Occurred to me that this must be some sort of routing issue. The wife sometimes gets a message that I am out of the calling area before the call goes to voicemail. Perhaps, the network is trying to route the call to another network and can't find me, even though I'm sitting at the house.

My daughter had a number that had belonged to another family. Her Walgreens prescription account kept showing a previous owners name. Walgreens put her number in and the other family showed up, even though she had the number for a couple of years. Seemed like it must have  been a problem with the Walgreen's database, but on further investigation, there appeared to be some other database that contained it. No one seemed to be able to do anything about it.

Is there some central database of cell numbers?

Was just poking around with the history of my number and it showed up as originally being with Cingular, which then became ATT wireless before I switched to Verizon for a few years because coverage by Cingular/ATT in New Orleans was so bad. Eventually switched to TMO.

No idea how that could start causing problems over the past 6-8 months, but TMO support doesn't have any better suggestions.

Don't know if many are still watching this thread or if they have left TMO as I am considering, but what is the history of the numbers that have been acting up?

Had a few more occurences yesterday:

in the morning I went to my bank's website. With 2 factor authentication enabled (a very good idea), it wanted to text me a code.Said ok. Code never arrived.

I eventually went back in and told it to email me. Worked fine.

When the wife got home about 3:30 pm, she complained that she had called and texted when she left work. Call went straight to voicemail and she was so disgusted she didn't bother leaving one. Suspect many more are having the problem, but if the caller doesn't leave voicemail, they don't know about it.

She also said that she had texted me when she left work.Sure enough, a few minutes after she arrive, the messages from the bank and from her arrived. the one from her was maybe 30 minutes late. The one from the bank was more delayed, maybe an hour. Of course, the timestamp on both was when I received them, not when they were sent.

Wonder if ATT has any cheap plans? Had been very happy with TMO for years, but a phone you can't rely isn't worth it.


just an update

I went to a store and they swap out my sim card but that didn't fix the issue.

I've also tried online customer service, she asked me to try adding a new APNs and restart my phone but it still doesn't work.

BYOD T-Mobile data & APN settings

Recently switch to Tmobile from AT&T and I'm having the same issue with my HTC U11 plus.

I'm able to make calls but when I first dial a number it would have 10ish seconds of silence before it starts ringing. When people trying to call me, I would be using my phone and suddenly see a voicemail notification without the phone ringing at all.

Tried all the solutions above and no luck. Also checked my call settings ( HTC U11 - Troubleshooting - I can't receive any calls | Vodafone Ireland ) the issue persists.

If you don't buy a T-Mo version of a phone, it most likely will not support WiFi calling. None of my phones ever have. In any case, I agree that it's not a signal strength issue mine happens at home almost all the time and I always have 4 bars.

From what I read about the booster, you can get one for free from them as long as you are a prepaid customer.

I get only 1 or 2 bars when at home on the 6th floor; otherwise, I have no problems. The thing is, I spend a significant amount of time at home, so I have high hopes for the signal booster to fix my problem.

magenta4993909 wrote:

I just called T-Mobile to ask for a Signal Booster in the hopes that this will fix my problem. Because I was previously told that I couldn't get one because I am using a phone not purchased from T-Mobile, I expected very little. Turns out this latest representative was exceedingly helpful and sent a booster right away and even waved the shipping fee. Thank You T-Mobile! Now let's hope that the booster makes a difference.

What was your problem that you think a signal booster will fix?  For most people, their phones support WiFi calling, which uses any WIFI that you are connected to instead of cellular service.  With that, no signal booster is needed.  Not to mention, you can't take a signal booster with you, so when you leave your house, then what?  For the issue this post is about, it clearly isn't a signal issue.  It's a service issue.

Call customer support; they're very helpful.

I just called T-Mobile to ask for a Signal Booster in the hopes that this will fix my problem. Because I was previously told that I couldn't get one because I am using a phone not purchased from T-Mobile, I expected very little. Turns out this latest representative was exceedingly helpful and sent a booster right away and even waved the shipping fee. Thank You T-Mobile! Now let's hope that the booster makes a difference.

Just adding myself to this list as well. My wife and I just switch to T-Mobile 2 days ago and we're already seeing text's that don't go through till hours later. We both have new Samsung Galaxy S9's. At this point I almost want to return everything before it's to late and switch to someone else.

I am using an unlocked LG G5. Didn't purchase it from T-Mobile and customer support had the nerve to suggest that I buy a new phone from them. I wonder if they realize that a new phone costs close to 1K these days.

Unfortunately, this has occured to me even though Ihad been a satisfied customer for serveral years until this started. Have had several more occurrences over the last 2 days where I hear a voicemail has arrived and it's from the wife after her call went to voicemail without ringing.

TMO support has been conscientious in following up, but I think it's some problem in the network that is hard to find because it is intermittent.

What phone or phones do you use?

Same problem here. Started about 6 months ago (no problem for many years) and I am now at the point where I'll have to look for a new carrier, even if they charge a little more. Any recommendations?

Just had another occurrence of the text delay.

One problem is you generally don't know when it happens unless there's some circumstance that alerts you to the delay. Had what seemed like a normal set of messages with a neighbor this morning. 

But then wife just walked in from work and at almost the same time I got a text from her that she had sent a half hour earlier to let me know she was on her way.

This has just started to happen here. I'd say half my texts are delayed, which makes the service useless for me. My leading suspect is the merger with Sprint. Reading the recent replies here makes it clear it is not the brand of the phone.

I've begun sending myself texts from another phone and my experiment doesn't look good. Like I said, half the texts are delayed. The delays so far have been up to a half hour.

Maybe if enough people complain and if enough switch, the company will get the idea.

There is a lot of online discussion about this same problem.  We have 3 phones w/T-Mobile service and we are all 3 having the same exact problem.  One phone is a T-Mobile and the other 2 are not.  Sometimes a call will ring thru, but it has gotten to be most of the calls don't.  We are testing using the 3 calls from different locations and it happens everywhere we go.

My Husband and I have been having the exact same problem. It started a few months ago randomly here and there with our Samsung phones. We recently got new Huawei phones and the problem seems to have intensified recently. And we are both missing extremely important phone calls and texts message between each other and with other people on other networks. It's extremely frustrating. With our upcoming move and our family being separated for several weeks we would hate to miss interactions with each other and our kids. Not to mention important phone calls for appointments and moving companies.

I've been having this issue too, since at least February 2018 when I missed a bunch of urgent calls and texts from multiple family members. Since then, it's been happening randomly -- sometimes texts are received immediately and sometimes it's a delay of anywhere from 5 min to over an hour. Multiple contacts (people in my phone, random callers, 2-factor authentication bots) and multiple locations (home, work, coffee shops, restaurants, inside, outside); there's no discernible pattern. Sometimes the phone doesn't ring either and no missed call in the log; I just get a voicemail notification and then come to find out I have, like, 10 or 15 voicemail. No idea how many business-related calls I'm missing from people who don't leave a voicemail. I'm in a large city and my phone shows good reception but is seems to disconnect from the network periodically. Tried clearing the cache and restarting the phone as recommended by T-mobile, no help.

It's not happening with other family members on my plan (one of whom had the exact same phone as me until last month), and I'm not aware of it happening to friends on Tmobile/other networks, so I thought it was just my phone until I found this and other threads complaining about this issue and T-mobile's lack of response. I've been a T-mobile customer since 2008 but I'm thinking of leaving because of this.

Same problem here. I was in the middle of planning something today and thought the person was ignoring me and got in a fight. then 5 hours later get 5 texts from the person to find out they were replying the whole time and were also trying to call me - i never got a missed call or even a notification about a missed call.  Then I recalled over the last month this has been happening..

This is alarming and shocking that such a big issue is not only unresolved but also experienced by many others. #t-mobile Please resolve ASAP or i am jumping ship to a new carrier very soon.