Not receiving the text messages from short code numbers

  • 1 June 2022
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Since i got this new t-mobile account, i am not able to receive the text messages from the short code numbers. Any one know the solution of this?

2 replies

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call in or contact them via Facebook/Twitter and have it added to your line.



i believe there is a way to do it through the app or site but i have not done this so unable to walk you through it.


short code isnt something everyone wants so its only added on upon request.

Hello Garg,

 Test your short codes by sending Help to them. If you get a response from that company, T-Mobile is passing the traffic both ways. 

If a Red exclamation mark comes up immediately on a Android, Premium Short Codes are being blocked on the handset.

Codes you can test with:

73981 Bank Of America

93557 Wells Fargo

888222 Chipotle

68633 TopGolf

Thank you, Gary