Not receiving verification texts --NOT using DIGITS

  • 13 July 2018
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I am not receiving verification texts. My bank requires verification and I never receive the texts I have to use email. How do fix this?


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Hey @elvisjay 

I sincerely apologize but DIGITS does not support short code messaging at this time.

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Not gonna lie, I totally missed that! I am sorry about that! Has this ever worked for you in the past? It is possible that there is some black listing on the account side that is preventing these messages. Are the short codes from your bank the only ones not working?

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Hey there! Just wanted to check back in here and see if you'd had a chance to read over the questions in Chris's last reply. Sorry we missed the call out in your title on the first read! 😥 If you're still having trouble with this, we'd love to know if this started recently or has never worked for you, and if there are other short codes you're not receiving as well. Thank you!

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It's not just my bank. Is there a setting somewhere that needs to be changed?

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It may be a blocking setting on our side. Please contact us so our tech care folks can check your account and blocking settings.

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Good morning @elvisjay​! Just wanted to check back and see if you'd had a chance to reach out to one of our internal support teams over the weekend so that we could check the blocking settings on our side. How are things going for you?

Was there ever a resolution?   I am having the same issue of not receiving verification or authorization texts from my security company, bank, etc. 

Can someone post directions on what to do?

Same issue here. Super frustrating!

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@crelfe​ and @weezie44

Sorry for the delay in responding 😥 For this issue we will need to check your account for a specific blocking feature. Please Contact Us when you have a moment.

I am also having this problem and is causing the same issues while trying to verify with my bank. Did anyone ever come up with a solution

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@bill21128 Did this just recently start or has it never worked? What kind of plan do you have?

I've always had problems getting verification texts. The plan i have is (simple choice)

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Please Contact Us when you have a moment so our folks over the phone can check to see if there is some sort of blocking going on.

I am also facing this problem. T Mobile IT dept keep saying that everything on their side is fine. But it's not. I am not receiving any kind of verification codes from my bank and my gmail and facebook. This is super frustrating and it's really disappointing to see that T mobile is unable to solve this issue for many people. And they are still ignoring it.

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What type of account do you have? Is it a prepaid or postpaid account? This thread is a bit old but I wanna make sure that you are also not using DIGITS.

I too am not receiving verification codes from PayPal, Banks and other credit card organizations!

It seems that I am not the only one having this problem.

The codes I am being sent are numeric and not text.  I am receiving text message from T-Mobile,

friends and some businesses.

Can you HELP!


Postpaid. We have a shared account with 6 other people. they are not facing this issue. I ported out from Tracfone. Only I am facing this

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@wildcat098​ & @ahmadmusauofa

For these types of issues, it is usually a blocking feature on the account that our care teams can assist you with removing. If there is no blocking on the account and it is still happening, our folks on the phone will collect examples of the failures and get them up to our engineers to investigate.

This is also an issue for me and I just switched yesterday.  I"m shocked at the blasé attitude of T mobile towards their customers.  This is a very serious issue, one that is going to make me leave t mobile.  It's awful.  I have 14 days to decide, but one day in and I hate it.

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We definitely do not want to lose you @jlscranton​. This is a very fixable problem. 

I spoke with T mobile 3 times last week. They kept saying that I should be receiving short codes , everything is fine. But NOTHING is fine. How to make u guys understand that this is a serious issue for me too. I am also considering about leaving T mobile.

And also I do not have any blocking on my account.  This issue is somewhat related to switching ( porting out from a different career). And I do receive short codes from T mobile. I just don't receive short codes from others ( Bank, social network, google maps etc).

Only way to fix this is to call tmobile and they have a seperate option from you to fix the problem!

I just spent an hour on the phone, with no solution.  Also, my call dropped several times.  They had no clue how to fix it, so if you are saying this is fixable, why can't anyone fix it?  I had to create a new gmail account to keep testing it, got locked out of that one.  Still no one can fix it.  SO if you KNOW how to fix it, perhaps you should inform the rest of your team