At Christmas 2017 I was invited by my boyfriend to leave SPRINT and Join T-MOBILE during their BOGO (Buy one Get the second phone Free) promotional. 
We visited the T-MOBILE store in Lakewood, CA where we made the BOGO deal for the GALAXY NOTE 8.  We were assured by the sales MANAGEMENT that after around 3 months we would receive a REBATE check or credit that would pay off the phone.

After 4 months, a credit appeared on my boyfriend's account.  He called T-MOBILE customer service to ask that the credit be applied to pay off the second phone as promised but was told that the credit amount could NOT be applied to the second phone and would just be a credit on the account.  Well as it is being a CREDIT, the regular monthly payments are being drawn from that credit.  Eventually, that credit amount will run out and we would be back to paying the entire bill, including the payment for the second phone!


This is absolutely unacceptable and is fraudulent on T-MOBILE's part.  The second phone line should be FREE!


The customer service rep gave us a lame excuse that the T-MOBILE store staff did not send in the paperwork correctly..and OH're just screwed!


How can you resolve this issue?  I do not want that credit amount to be chipped away with the regular account payments but instead, have that whole credit amount be applied to pay off the second phone as promised at the T-MOBILE store.


We plan to file a claim with the Better Business Bureau for misleading and fraudulent advertising, and the next step is LAWSUIT!


Let me know if you need any further information so that you can work on getting this matter cleared up as this is bad on T-MOBILE to allow their advertised promotional to actually be a fraud.

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I don't see that offer here.

T-Mobile Offer Details - 2017

Also you can't sue Tmobile , you would have to take them to arbitration unless you opted

out of arbitration when you signed up.

With that being said, I would contact Tmobile support through social media like faceboook or Twitter to

resolve this issue.

Late 2017 it was the buy one and get the second phone free promotion in late 2017.  We took advantage of this at the store in Lakewood.  We were suppose to receive a rebate check or card.  We learned that the store did not turn in the rebate information!

Check promotions that were running in December 2017.

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I do see the promotion that you're talking about and I'm sorry you didn't get it. I think I have an idea what may have happened. Did you go on to following site and enter the redemption code to get the offer?

T-Mobile Promotions

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Hey, @rjones4948​! I just wanted to check in here and see how things are going. I know that it's not as seamless a transaction, but would you be able to put the amount of your normal monthly bills towards the EIP instead, so that you're not left with two phone installments at the end of the credit balance? You can make EIP payments with our Care team over the phone, or online via MyTMobile! I understand that this isn't the ideal situation that you'd planned for originally, but just trying to think of any way to make this work.

Thank you.

The issue has been resolved. It was actually a store error as they didn't

turn in the paperwork correctly. However, I filed a complaint with the BBB

and we heard from T-MOBILE corporate within days! They applied the credit

to pay off the second the phone.

Funny how I had to resort to the BBB to get the result that we should have

gotten in the first place .

Thank you for trying.

Retha Jones

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I'm very glad to read that this was resolved for you, @rjones4948​. I'm sorry that you had to take these lengths to get a resolution, as well. Thanks for coming back to let us know how things are going now -- we appreciate your time and the follow-up!

I feel swindled by this deal also. I was sent a rebate card for the phones after having put money down on the phones, so the rebate was suppose to be for that money, however, now i'm being told that the downpayment is not part of the deal and the money i was sent should have been reapplied to the bill. So they send you money to pay off the bill instead of just applying it directly...probably knowing full well there are customers who do not understand the complications in the "deal". This deal should be clear to the customers and it obviously is not. I'm beyond mad about it and will be closing my account with TMobile because I don't feel I can continue trusting this company.