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  • 20 September 2022
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I'm currently with At&t ..  I've been trying to purchase a new phone from T-Mobile for about a good year now . And EACH time it won't let me because back in 2020 I had T-mobile . I payed that phone off and switched to At&t because T-mobile's app wouldn't let me trade in my phone and upgrade . I tried everything . The app was down for the longest . I no longer have access to that account, that number, and that phone . It lets me sign in with my old gmail on the app but an error pops up . So

I've been having problems with at&t so I wanted to switch back . I've tried for days , months , spoke with representatives and bosses and still nothing . I'm unable to purchase a new device with T-mobile because my SSN is still attached to an account that I no longer have . It's no longer in service . I just want to go back to T-mobile . What do I do 😑 and how do I get past them stopping me from purchasing a phone .


4 replies

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is money still owed on the old account or was the old TMO phone still on a lease (you could have fulfilled the lease but not paid for the final amount to own the device as an example)? doesnt TMO have some kind of remorse deal for those that jumped to another carrier and now want to jump back? or is that what you are trying to do already?


I made all payments . I paid the phone completely off . So no more payments were due . After I made my last payment that's when I was trying to upgrade and trade in but I kept getting an error . I'm trying to go back to Tmoble but it's not letting me . I thought I did everything right . 

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you will need to get in contact with TMO. i would say call but personally i tend to contact them through either Facebook or Twitter..higher tier support plus who actually wants to talk to someone? lol.

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if you cant get it done online try going into a store and see if you can get it done there