One member of a family plan leaves the plan

  • 2 June 2023
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My wife and I have an Essentials 55+ plan with two lines.  If I leave T-Mobile and take my phone number to a different carrier, what happens to my wife’s line? Will she lose her service? Or does her plan automatically switch to a single line? Is the monthly bill reduced, or does it stay the same?


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If she is not the PAH, a change of responsibility will need to be done, which will require her to pass a credit check.  If she is the PAH (Primary Account Holder), her cost for only having a single line will more than likely increase but that might still be cheaper than the cost of two lines with a slight discount.


My ex and I shared a plan in his name. We switch me to be PAH and gave his line permission to leave. He got his own plan and I changed my plan.

This is easiest done in a store with both parties present.

If she is already PAH, than all you need to do is ensure your line has the right permissions to be ported. And she can change plans or whatever she chooses. That can be done online, phone or in a store. If you do not know how to check / change line permissions,  it can be done via the app.

Open app, lower right click on "more" click on "Profile Settong" then click "User Roles", this will iallow the PAH to modify the access the other lines have.  The PAH can make the other line an Authorized User and that person then can modify their line, such as transfer to a new carrier or their own tmobile plan. If you can't acees this, or don't see User Roles, you are not the PAH.

If you are the PAH, you can give change your wifes line to Authorized User so she can get her own line. But from my understanding,  She can't keeo the existing plan unless she becomes the PAH. 

If you are the PAH or are set as an Authorized User when you click on "more", then "Profile Settings" click on "line setting" and you can get a transfer pin for that line.


I would highly suggest you and your wife visit an actual store and get the information and process the changes there. That way you can decide if it is the right step for you before anything is actually changed. The store can advise which rate plan would be best. She doesn't have to change just because she only has 1 active line, but the rep can help compare what options are best and process any chang in PAH and tranfer your line to its own account (if you were keeping it with Tmobile).



Thank you for your excellent advice. We will definitely go to the store.