One phone....One plan....One Line....One account.....Who is PAH?

  • 17 January 2021
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Why am I not the PAH when I'm the ONE line on this account?  Shouldn't that make me the PAH by default bc of the fact there's only one account?


3 replies

Not necessarily. It's an account level setting. Have you created a T-Mobile ID and tried logging into the app yet? 

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The only ways I can think of that you wouldn’t be the PAH for an account you are the only person using, is if that account was setup in another person’s name or that were needed as a co-signee to pass the credit check.  

Not exactly. Those things don't necessarily matter. It's usually because there is no T-Mobile ID set up yet. When you first create the T-Mobike ID and log into the app, it asks the user to verify the primary account holder profile by entering the last 4 digits of the SNN on the account. If it's not prompting you to do so, Care or a representative in a retail location can manually set it at the account level.