One Plus vs Magenta Plus

  • 21 July 2019
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Here's a bunch of dumb questions.  Are One Plus and Magenta Plus the same plan but rebranded under a new name or are there specific features to be implemented or discontinued in Magenta Plus? If they are different,  will One Plus customers be given an opportunity to either opt out or opt into the Magenta Plus or will we just be transitioned at some point?


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6 replies

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This article gives you a breakdown of the two and it looks like there's a couple of changes.


I saw that, but it didn't really address the auto-migration issue or the concerns many may have about existing line promotions.

This provided a bit more insight.

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Definitely not dumb questions 😉 ! There are three simple differences with Magenta from T-Mobile ONE:

  • A new name,
  • 3GB LTE hotspot per line (and unlimited at 3G speeds thereafter)
  • Netflix Basic included for families, instead of Netflix Standard.

Everything else stays the same -- same price and same benefits like taxes and fees included, data and texting in 210+ countries and destinations, Gogo inflight, T-Mobile Tuesdays and more. Magenta Plus family plans include all the benefits of the T-Mobile ONE Plus plans and receive Netflix on Us with a Standard Netflix plan, at no additional cost. One Plus customers have the option to change their plan to a Magenta Plus plan if they choose to do so, but we're not forcing you to migrate to a new plan. If you have a promo that requires the T-Mobile One or One Plus plan and you switch to the Magenta Plus plan, you'll lose the promo credits associated.

I am discovering today the Magenta plans.

I actually have 2 lines, T-Mobile One Military, and T-Mobile One Military Plus (option was $10/mo, not $15). SO, a total of $80/mo + $2/mo for Netflix.

My understanding is that switching to Magenta will require having both lines on the PLUS or not. Which mean, in our situation, instead of paying $82/mo, we would pay $100/mo.

Switching to Magenta does not allow you to mix options seems like. All depends what you need. But for the price and service, I will keep the One for now...

We do need the Plus features only on 1 line. So, switching to Magenta is not the best for now.

Adding a line must remain the same, +$10/mo

I have/had One Plus Promo 55+, it seems to have morphed into One Unlimited 55.

Seems like this is the equivalent to Magenta not the Magenta Plus.

This seems to have been changed in the last 2 months or so, anyone know what happened to the One Plus Promo?

I thought I was grandfathered into One Plus Promo,   I'm on the phone now with someone in some country who doesn't know squat.

The magenta plus HD video has a streaming cap of 6mbps while SD is capped at 1.5 mbps. On one plus SD is still capped at 1.5 mbps, however when HD is enabled it is uncapped