One week of Tmobile nightmare, not the carrier for me!

  • 14 January 2021
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Took Tmobile a week to port my number over from mint mobile. When phone was finally ported over, had no internet so rep at store screwed up sim card activation. During my week wait of porting, additional unauthorize line added to my account. Saw line on account immediately cancelled, Tmobile said I still got to pay for the full billing cycle of unauthorized line. Already paid activation fees, sim card, and now have to pay for line I did not want or need. Tmobile made it clear this chump change was more important than the longevity of a customer. Due to this experience I will be leaving Tmobile a.s.a.p. $80 means more than a decade long customer whom paid around $200/mo for a majority of all my years with tmobile 


Other providers still use their service at cheaper rates, will be looking into metro pcs, google fi, mint mobile. 

1 reply

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I’d use the Fair Credit Billing Act.